Weight Loss Optimizer

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Our company has just acquired another company that was dealing with a weight loss product called Weight Loss optimizer. We acquired the product alongside the company. The acquisition of the product is strategic to our company since we are already manufacturing weight loss products. We will carry out a rebranding of Weight Loss Optimizer as we add it to our existing line of weight loss products. Although the company was small, Weight Loss Optimizer was successful in the market.

The decision to sell the company to us is based on the inability of the company to change its manufacturing systems to incorporate growth and access to a limited market. Hence, with our broad base of available customers and bigger manufacturing capacity, we will advance the product and offer it to our current customers. Through research, Weight Loss Optimizer has been found to be very effective for losing weight through a study in which 90% of participants lost at least 15 pounds within a logical period.

Acquisition of the company together with their product will be beneficial to our company because it has been proven to be effective and we will not incur any research and development costs. Our customer base will also grow because we will inherit the company’s customers. Our current customers will also be willing to buy and test our new product. One of the problems that we might face during the expansion of our manufacturing capacity is that our business partner, Pills Inc. may not be able to provide the pill casing within the required time. To handle the challenge, we need to notify Pills Inc. about the expansion in time so that they adjust the manufacturing of the casing.

Another challenge is the complaint from a customer that Weight Loss Optimizer is not effective. We will have to engage the customer and inquire whether he/she followed the established protocol while using the product or not. Apart from the few disadvantages concerning the purchase of the company, the product will increase the successes of our company and hence we are not losing anything unless it’s the weight.

January 19, 2024


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