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The ability to connect efficiently is a vital life skill that should be continuously improved to accomplish a two-way mechanism requiring many variations before shared comprehension is reached" (Team FME 4). Flashback to when I was eight, social environments and relationships were some of the most frightening things. I was not able to make the first step to chat and make friends. Situations occurred by mixing with children with the same peer during immersive sessions. This made me feel emotionally distressed as I was instinctively withdrawn and reluctant to open up to new circumstances of the communication, for fear of rejection. Yet I was more than determined to better myself. Today marks six months after this delusion was shattered by the reality that I clinched the best speaker awards in the debate club. As the leader of the duo that won the deserved victory, I was recognized by my outstanding ability to engage the multitude of intellectual students that had gathered for the competition. Since “communication allows us to convey our feelings and to develop significant relationships,” (Gagnon 1). I now have a devotion for stimulating discussions. Despite my aversion to it eighteen years ago, my success has been attributed to the dedication in two disparate and important facets of my life outside the lecture room: peer support and volunteer work.

Once a week, I used to speak to these impressionable boys and girls in high school volunteer workshops where I enhanced my communication skills. Perhaps the dedication I have today has been through the tireless urge to compensate for what I was eight years ago that has made communication to become my passion.

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October 13, 2022

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