Where is Edition Used in Conventional Way?

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In Guy Ritchie's Snatch from 2000, numerous traditional editing techniques were employed. The purpose of using editing procedures was to maintain consistency and clarity in a narrative action. There shouldn't be any uncomfortable jumps in the action scenario that can divert the spectator. The movie's casting should achieve a seamless and easy flow of events.

The 180-degree rule has been used with care in the movie as a necessary component of continuity. use of the Point-of-View Shot Technique, especially. The boxing fight participants could see the camera right in front of their faces. In another instance, the camera is again focused in front of the instructor of one of the contestants, and the camera shows him giving instructions with the frontal details being seamlessly visible to the viewers.

2. Under the 180-degree rule, the viewer is not supposed to encounter disorienting spatial breaks. Therefore, the clip violates this rule when one of the contestants is hit and falls into a water body looking enfeebled. Suddenly he reappears with renewed vigor and starts punching his opponent who had remained standing in the boxing ring. Another instance was when one of the contestants was receiving instructions from his instructor; the camera abruptly changes in a way that violates the 180-degree rule and focuses on a spectator wearing spectacles sited in the audience.

April 06, 2023

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