Who was Melchizedek? A historical character or “something” other?

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Melchizedek was the ruler of Salem, and he did not venerate any Canaanite deities. He was a historical figure who blessed Abraham and delivered bread and wine to him. According to Thomas (2000), Melchizedek "is part of a living tradition which has historical and theological significance," and was not some obscure figure who could be easily forgotten. At the age of 175 Abraham passed away and was returned to his people. According to Davis, the commentator saw it "as merely a euphemism for mortality; as a reference to numerous burials, which were both Canaanites and Israelites' custom; and the majority view, as a reference to immortality (Davis, 1998). It is practical to see Abraham being buried at his

What is the meaning of (or significance of) “Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh”?

This is an odd practice that involves Abraham and his servant swearing to comply with the command of his master to find a wife for Isaac. By putting his hand under Abraham’s thigh, he was submitting to his master’s authority that he was bound to do what his master told him to do (Davis, 1998).

Summary of the Articles

Thomas T K, the author of the ‘Ecumenical Review’ does a commendable job in presenting Melchizedek’s brief history as outlined in his Bible appearances. In spite of Thomas not specifically stating that Melchizedek is Jesus incarnate, it is clear that he believes him to be a real historical person. Thomas believes that Melchizedek is not a priest of the Aaronic or Levitical line, but he is a pagan priest terming him as the king of peace and righteousness. Davis commentary on gathered unto his people mean, as a mere euphemism or rather a communal practice for burials. The author views the burial of Abraham as a common practice of the society. As it is in the book of Davis, Abraham is too, advance in age to actually find a wife for Isaac but instead, he sent one of his servants that at the time is believe to be Eliezer. Here is when Abraham tells Eliezer to put his hand under Abraham’s thigh as an oath, we find that Davis also mentioned that Abraham extended his posterity during this agreement.

Best Possible Solution

The best possible solution is that Melchizedek was God, but was this God the Son or God the Father? We know that God the Father or God the Son, with possibly two angels, came toAbraham on the way to see if Sodom was as wicked as they heard (Genesis18:20-21paraphrased)? We also know from Joshua that God does come to the earth incarnate (Joshua 5:13-14)

The Interpretation that I Agree with

I agree with the interpretation of Davis regarding the phrase gathered unto his people. It is true that this is just but a mere euphemism. Even in our society today, people gather together to pay tribute or the last respect to the dead. Therefore, it is in order for Davis to state that “gathered unto his people” is a common sendoff practice amongst the Canaanites and the Israelites.


Davis, J. J. (1998). Paradise to prison: Studies in Genesis. Salem, Wisc: Sheffield Publishing Co.

Thomas, T. K. (January 01, 2000). Melchizedek, king and priest: An ecumenical paradigm? Ecumenical Review: a Quarterly, 52, 3, 403-409

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