Why Immigrants shouldn’t be deported

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Immigrants are described as anyone who enters a country with the intention of living permanently in that country. Furthermore, immigrants are people who choose to live forever in the country from which they emigrated.
What really is immigration?
Immigration is the influx of people from other countries into a country designated as their destination in which they are neither nationals nor inhabitants for the purpose of living or staying there, usually as permanent residents or naturalized citizens; on the other hand, it may be to obtain temporary jobs as a seasonal worker or as a foreign worker.
What is Deportation?
Deportation is the unleashing of knockout policy under immigration laws on a foreign national to their country of citizenship or rather permanent residency considering reasons of illegal entry, potential threat to the public welfare as well as criminal behavior.

Roles played by Immigrants
Immigrants pay taxes
About 99% percent of immigrants residing in the United States of America contribute a huge amount of taxes that circulate in the United States economy. These taxes contributed by the natives' boosts the economy by 50% percent which is an obvious benefit to the government on funds renovation options. Immigrants should keep alive they stay definitely.
They are provide labor
The immigrants take the huge part of economy, they subscribe jobs that none would wish to do; garbage cleaners, nannies, textile mill works as well as janitors. The immigrants are truly essential labor, they conduct they work perfectly with lot of hope and care. The immigrants are very hardworking and they commit themselves even if part of their money goes to taxes directly actually they hugely contribute to building of economy in terms of structural labor support, home based support, environmental clean, flour milling, textile company reinforcement as well as (Carens, Page 80)
Reason s why Immigrants shouldn't be deported
High Deportation Cost
The cost of deporting people is vulnerably high especially in a nation that endeavors to salute the due process. The estimated average cost of having an undocumented immigrant deported covers $8, 318 and $23,000 with consideration of who conducts the estimation. This would accumulate to huge funds removing every undocumented immigrant, why should then they be deported? All this funds get wasted on deportation?

Immigrants are mostly workers, not criminals
Undocumented Immigrants are branded the name criminals. This is absolutely not true, and the mind set doesn't come from a serious population. The reality is immigrants are by any means hard working individuals, self starters who are actually looking and begging for semblance of gainful or fruitful employment for upkeep and to support their families back in their original homes. Additionally Immigrants did not commit any sin, these are people who are just seeking for a better life, and they don't deserve deportation at all.
Immigrants contribute to Competitiveness
Based on technology intensive and service industries, immigrants take the largest percentage in specialization and they hold advance degrees in these sectors. Almost 80% percent in countries with immigrants they become the most productive scientists as well as engineers. For example, in the United States the most productive scientists and engineers are foreign born. Rating nations based on global innovation, the United States is at the fore front. This is a clear indication that the most prudential people to be treated and to be held firmly are these people, they are intellects, intelligent, innovation oriented, and no attempt should therefore be carried to deport even a single one if the country really wants development.
Immigrants are business owners
Brilliant ideas following entrepreneurship accompany most of the immigrants in countries where they are natives, they own business and manage them so well that money is able to circulate in the economy, whatever they lay their hands gets well in a business field, they facilitate buying and selling, they engage people in taking meals. Immigrants have founded big businesses that do very well leaving very many in surprises. In the United States, the National Venture Association for the gone 20 years, the foreign born have assisted in founding about 25% Public U.S industries which were backed up by the ventures capital investors. A number of these companies include; Google, eBay, as well as Yahoo. Immigrants make substantial contributions covering low skilled as well as high skilled sectors they are all round persons. Who actually is that non-developer who will want immigrants to get away just like that? Capital NO. Business is life that can do without going to the market to buy anything? What about if we do away with immigrants? A negative impulse is unleashed.
Top 10 ways Immigrants contribute to the growth of the economy, for example, The American Economy
Immigrants are more likely to create their own jobs
Following the U.S Department of labor, about 7.5% percent of the immigrants are self employed, they are actually their own bosses figuring to those who are native born they got big figures. How important these are to the economy, they are able to employ themselves, start their own, this is no burden to the country where they are immigrants and that should be taken keenly.
Immigrants owned businesses create jobs for American Workers
Following the Fiscal Policy institute, Immigrants' small businesses employed about 4.7 million people in the year 2007 and the income and profits generated by these small businesses in America are thrilling, recently they generated $776 billion plus on annual basis. Look at this development and economic upward lifting immigrants are causing to America, just from their small business the residents of America get employed and money circulates. Immigrants have a positive move towards development; this would be of huge loss if they become deported because even the Americans themselves will lose jobs. (President John F. Kennedy, Page, 21-45)

Immigrants are innovative to start businesses
Following the Small Business Administration, about 30% of immigrants are more likely to come up with a business in the United States compared to non-immigrants. So, immigrants are even more significant to a country more than some of the main residents. These people are goal oriented, they are never much dependant on someone they do their own staff none carries their burden, why then should it be stress to have them deported.
Immigrants develop cutting edge technologies and companies
Following the National Venture Capital Association, 25% percent of the United States' public companies that had back up from venture capital investors have been started by the immigrants, samples are, Yahoo, Google, Microsystems, eBay as well as Intel. Purposefully these are big companies in U.S, what if immigrants were deported long time ago, would America be a real super power or even forefront in technology? Immigrants that are held captive turn to be the light all of a sudden. Credits should be awarded to immigrants and not deportation.
Immigrants are our engineers, scientists, and innovators
Following the Census Bureau, 33% percent represent immigrants who are engineers, 27% percent represent immigrants who are mathematicians, statisticians as well as computer scientist and 24% percent represent immigrants who are physical scientists. This is a clear indication that immigrants are the best people in terms of specialization since they know they have left their families behind, they carry on a do and die game in conducting research on any field of excelling. Which nation would not want to uplift its economy, deportation shouldn't be the first, second, third nor even the second last option to deal with these people. (Wadhia, Page, 40)

Immigration boosts earnings for American workers
Persistent immigration to the United States has boosted the earnings of the Americans consistently. The American government has always been funded by these illegal moves to their country, they actually have gained a lot and almost considered it a main contribution to the economic growth of the United States' economy. Whenever immigrants get into any country money is generated through this and once they get into the country they are again taxed. If these people are a source of money to the economy of a country which option should be created that touches on deportation which of course is money going out transaction? I think then immigrants should go on staying wherever they are for economic development and income generation through pooling others to join them.
Immigrants boost demand for local consumer goods
Following the Immigration policy Center, the purchasing power of immigrants regarding local goods is relatively high. Actually this will be a huge contribution for the local industries to develop market wide. Every country have local industries, and mostly these products from the local industry are consumed by immigrants which is truly a boost, so, who will laugh when the immigrants get deported, will the industries shut down? Immigrants should be retained for economy to be equitable starting with the local industries.
Immigration reform legislation like the Dream Act reduces the deficit
Following the Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, falling under the 2010 house passed version on Dream Act, the federal deficit will be minimized and sliced by $2.2 billion for over ten years due to increased tax revenues. This is quite a good deal, too much deficit is dangerous to economy of any country, immigration is a major way of doing away with huge part of this deficit then it should be endorsed, probably every country needs this, these people should never be deported back, any move towards deportation might close immigration at all and many will quit they dreams and deficit will be intense.
Comprehensive immigration reform create jobs
Comprehensive immigration reform could lend a hand and create options for about 900, 000 new jobs for a period of three years following reform from the raised consumer spending, considering the Center for American Progress. A turgid reform that is comprehensive is no doubt of job creation, immigration reform have actually the highest number of new jobs creation and recruitment. No one should actually be surprised about this because these people are hardworking they know at back of their minds their families need them, all the concentration is on their carrier which in this case is their hand work, machine work and all kinds. Job creation is the number one thing that immigration reform brings that is very much essential in terms of employment zone. With all this reputation immigrants should never be entitled to deportation.
Comprehensive immigration reform would increase America's GDP
Following the Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, a research conducted found that even at the condition of a low investment assumptions, a comprehensive immigration reform will definitely raise GDP to percentages between 0.8 and 1.3 percent ranging from 2012 to 2016. It's very realistic that this will happen; the GDP will absolutely rise when a comprehensive immigration reform exists. (Constant, Page, 37-103)
I vividly authenticate and direct my argumentation purposefully to support that immigrants shouldn't be deported following the discussed reasons above as well as the ways in which the immigrants contribute to the economy. For me immigrants are like the co-factor developers of wherever countries they are in, these people get into strange countries and begun business ideas that the main residence could not do and at the end they come and buy the ideas of the immigrants, so fantastic. Sincerely the one of the most excelling sites like Google are ideas of immigrants, they are then the needed people for the world to actually continue flourishing, Immigrants should be deported for real these are real innovators, business minded people moreover technology experts.

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