Why leaders should practice CSR

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Why Global Leaders Must Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

This phrase refers to a broader concept that encompasses the company's efforts to positively impact the neighborhood in some way. Although it is not a required practice, it is nonetheless a crucial one for businesses, organizations, and employees alike. To further enhance both local and global communities, institutions take this additional action. Participating in CSR is likely to enhance the company's reputation with the general public. Companies are thought to be more philanthropic than businesses that don't practice corporate social responsibility if they show some level of dedication to a variety of causes. By publicizing the effort and letting all the people know about their philanthropy institutions are likely to improve the public perception. Participating in corporate social responsibility is also likely to increase media coverage which is free publicity. Having a media visibility might positively shed light on the firm. Employees will also feel happy working for such institution. In many cases happy workers almost equal to increased output.

How Global Leaders Help Managers Feel Safe

According to Why good leaders make you feel safe video leaders set the attitude. When the organizational leader makes a great choice to put the lives and safety of individuals within the firm first productivity is likely increased. The working environment is filled with various constraints that include environmental, social and economic factors; a leader must, therefore, stand in the gap and assure employees of their safety and good working conditions. The leader should coach and give employees support so that they improve their performance. When employees feel safe and protected productivity increases. Great leaders make a sacrifice so that the people they lead feel protected ("Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek," 2017).


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