Why M. de Nemours is (duke) unperturbed by Mme de Clèves' (the princess) initial refusal to see him?

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M. de Nemours' Jealousy and Irrationality

M.de Nemours is unconcerned about the princess's original reluctance to see him in the book "La Princesse de Clèves." According to the readings, two ladies had just visited Mme de Clèves. Surprisingly, the two ladies depart the house before Nemours has even landed. Nemours' heart bleeds with jealousy, and she becomes much more vicious than before. Clèves runs home to discover that Nemours has just left and that his wife has declined to see him. Nonetheless, he narrates approached the wife and adds that irrationality is the main hurdle for not seeing her. The powers of the wild words reflect that M. de Nemours is a frantic man. In addition, he tells Mme de Clèves' that reason is now beyond him.

The Missing Letter and its Impact

How does the missing letter bring the two of them closer together?

From the novel “La Princesse de Clèves,” Mary Stuart came and gave a love letter to Mme. de Clèves that Châtelart had collected from the tennis court after a tennis game by the King, Chevalier de Guise, the Vidame, and Nemours. A Glossary of Literary Terms narrates that Châtelart viewed that the letter had fallen from the pocket of Nemours. Addition, Dauphine, told Mme de Clèves to read it and see if she knew how to write well and come back and tell her. When Mme. de Clèves begins to read the love letter, she is astounded by the impression that Nemours had a mistress. To the best of my knowledge of the novel, Mme de Clèves is touched by these impressions that he remains on the same spot for quite some time. Nevertheless, Clèves begins to tremble terribly. She suffered agonizing pain such as she had never felt before. These love feelings force her to reconcile with her fiancée, Nemours (A Glossary of Literary Terms).

Mme de Clèves' Uniqueness

In what way does the Dauphine say that Mme de Clèves is unlike all other women?

Dauphine narrates his opinion on the uniqueness of Mme de Clèves from other women in the novel “La Princesse de Clèves.” Dauphin meets Madam de Chartres and Madam de Cleves in the Queen apartments. It is revealed that Madam de Cleves was dressed in a negligible attire that painted her as an unexposed person. Despite the affluence status, she proved to be a woman of humility.

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