Why Senior Healthcare Employees are Worth Higher Pay and More Time Off

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In today’s world, employees of any organization play an important role in ensuring that the company achieves its goals. Over the years, increasing wages for employees has been a norm most organizations are adapting to attract experienced and skilled workers hence improving the general output. For the business to flourish and attract more customers, employers need to understand the key benefits of employees in their organizations. Today, most organizations go an extra mile in trying to keep their employees motivated by providing health care benefits, increasing their salaries, granting vocational offs and rewarding them with bonuses.  On the contrary, in the healthcare sector that is not the case and report shows that most employees feel overworked and unmotivated. The following article focuses on the reasons why senior healthcare employees are worth higher pay and more time off.

According to research, many economists today argue that increasing employee’s wages enhance high productivity in the workplace. Besides, research claims that granting employee’s salary increment and more leave days keep employees happy and engaged, thus reciprocating the effects to the clients. Various statistics indicate that, employees who are happy and dedicated to their job enhance client’s relationships and yield a better output.  In this regards, the key reasons why health care practitioner’s employees are worth higher salaries and more time off include; firstly, this would improve their mental health and wellbeing. Secondly, they will become highly motivated and willing to work thus improving patient outcome. Thirdly, this would reduce the need for PRN to fill in for full-time staff. Fourthly, this would create a high level of output in their work and finally, this would lower employee’s turnover. On the contrary, implementing this strategy has had a negative impact on employee performances as others tend to relax and not perform their duties as expected.

Based on a recent study, employees’ mental health and well-being play an important role in determining their overall contribution in the workplace. Supporting and protecting employees mental health is required in order to increase their innovative abilities and morale. Over the years, monetary rewards have been known to boost employee’s morale as well as improve their mental health and wellbeing. Despite of work-related pressure, an increase in the employee’s remunerations directly translates to increased performance hence improving the general quality of care offered. In most occasions, the sign of a happy employee is obviously portrayed in their adaptability, health, loyalty, improved productivity and performances (Greenwald, 2018). While indulging in their daily duties employees feel motivated to achieve organizational goals, and they become a better asset to the company. Granting employees more leave days on the other hand, gives them ample time to reflect and participate in personal development activities like further studies. Over the years, health care career has been known to be tiresome with little or no time for social interactions. According to Staff, allowing the health practitioners more time help them to re-energizing their mind and body thus becoming more productive at the workplace. According to (Mahn, 2013), an employee’s who is just back from holiday look less stressed and can manage more workload compared to the one who has been working all along(Mahn, 2013).

Shep Hyken, argues that happiness is the key to a company’s success. Historically, studies reveal that there has been a strong correlation between happiness and money. Increasing wages for employees give them the satisfaction that in turn keeps them happy, and this will have a positive impact on the customers as they are likely to come back again and again (Hyken, 2017). In hospitals, for example, research shows that happy employees usually improve patient outcome by creating a lasting relationship. According to a report by Reich et al. (2003), a rise in wages produced positive relationships between the customer and the employee thus fostering close and meaningful relationships. Healthcare practitioners who are emotionally stable, exhibit caring, portray a higher level of competence and always responds to patients professionally, thus supporting optimal patient care which make great difference in the patient’s life.

Normally, when healthcare employees are satisfied at their current position, they are likely to do more when they are asked to thus reducing the need for PRN staff to fill in the full-time staff. According to research, when there is an increment in salary employees output is significantly influenced. People with better work experience and skills are likely to join the profession, and with a team of highly qualified professionals, fewer employees are required to accomplish a task. Subsequently, few employees with good pay keep the team lean and engaged throughout, leading to higher levels of better quality jobs and productivity.

In most cases, it is reported that higher pay and more time off, reduce employee’s turnover. Highly compensated employees become happier and enjoy their jobs and in turn they may recommend their skilled friends thus creating a positive loop of top talented workers working at the company. Employees who are well compensated tend to stay longer at the company, and they become more productive due to their better understanding of the work environment. Besides, these help the company in avoiding unnecessary spending that comes from hiring new employees. It is well noted that the recruitment processes may be costly, and increasing wages for their employees helps in avoiding the procedure.

Conversely, when the employees have more time off, they are likely to improve on their prioritization. This is whereby they are well aware of what is to be prioritized at the work place, and they are likely to view their job as meaningful. Therefore, becoming fully committed in partaking their duties and thus promoting focus and concentration levels at the workplace.

On the contrary, many reports claim that giving higher pay and more time demonstrated lack of required engagement in carrying out their duties. According to research, this strategy tends to influence others negatively into not performing. Some employees become lazy, high level of absenteeism is likely to rise as many have the notion of at the end of the month they will still get paid and this, in turn, affects the company revenues.

In conclusion, it is important to note to that employees play an important role in a company.  Increasing wages and more time off enhances employees overall performances which in turn influence the company’s revenue. It is also important to note that, monetary value helps in creating a high level of output and improves employee’s engagement and dedication to their jobs.  Notably, increase in wages may promote absenteeism and laziness in the workplace thus negatively affecting the company goals. In this regards, keeping staff well compensated will not only provide patients continuity of care but also produce for the company at the same time.


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October 13, 2023


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