Winter Solstice by Hilda Morley

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Winter Solstice is the title of a poem penned by Hilda Morley between 1955 and 1983. Descriptive terms are used in the poem to paint a view of the state of affairs during the winter solstice. Some of the vocabulary used include straightness, very broad, and very circular. The poet paints a vivid mental image of the event with such a description. In this sense, the poem can be seen as a summary of the winter solstice, which is the longest night of the year. More precisely, the poet wants to offer a simple account of how the day happens when the world is at its most distant point from the sun. The structure of the poem is composed of a series of closed statements. Several lines of the poem the first line of each stanza particularly begin with the word _x0093_it is the_x0094__x0085_which ensure that there does not exist any arguments (Morley, 1983). More so the closed statements reiterate the vision of the vision of the poet as she communicates her message. Morley uses repetition to emphasize the severity of the winter solstice. More so the same tone has been used to outline the symbolic meaning of the entire phenomenon presenting the gradual reintroduction of the sun and the end of the cold. Most importantly, the poet uses the tone to evoke the attention of the reader by ensuring that there is musicality and flow in the poem.

The tone depicted from this poem is calm, thoughtful and harmonious. The tone of the poem indicates that the poet is centered on nature. In this regard, one can predict the feelings of the poet using the selection of her diction. This tone of the poem is in line with the theme with words such as _x0093_this night reflecting distance in its light so coldly_x0094_ (Morley, 1983). More so the poet uses rhyme scheme to develop a sense of harmony in the poem. This reflects peace and serenity which is brought about by the moon.

Various elements have been used so as to make the poem vivid and compelling to the reader. An example is that there is an evident repetition of words that create musicality in the poem. Throughout the poem, the poet repeats the words _x0093_It is the_x0094_ which creates musicality as the reader recites the poem (Morley, 1983). More so the repetition of specific words in the poem has been used to create an emphasis on the mental picture, ideas and the mood of the poem as stressed by the poet. More so, on the third line of the first line, the word _x0093_very_x0094_ is repeated to emphasize on the appearance and the significance of the picture that the poet is creating. Additionally, the repetition of _x0093_it is _x0093_on each subsequent statement creates the flow of the poem (Morley, 1983).

From the description provided, one can interpret the poem as the rebirth of the sun. The sun, in this case, is symbolic representing the aspects of warmth, light, and possibility. The author effectively applies poetic elements such as tone structure to convey the meaning and understanding of nature through the poem to the readers. The calm and harmonious tone of the poem is appropriate for this particular poem as it goes well with the descriptive nature of the poem. More so since the poem is about a natural phenomenon, the tone effectively gives a clear mental picture to the audience.


Morley, H. (1983). To Hold in My Hand: Selected Poems, 1955-1983. Sheep Meadow Press.

October 25, 2022

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