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The term "leadership" refers to the process of becoming a leader. To succeed or be sustained, all of the best methods and inventive ideas require a strong and successful leader. My academic interests, personal viewpoint, and military experience provide many employers in the broad and dynamic financial sector with the leadership, training, and work experience they want.

A good education in economics and mathematics is vital to success in today's dynamic and more complicated corporate world. I major in math/economics, which integrates quantitative mathematics techniques with applied science to solve real-world problems. With the ever-increasing value of the financial sector in the economy, the math/economic degree will be a valuable asset since it offers the much-needed mathematical and statistic skills, an aptitude in problem-solving skills and the capacity to collaborate with others.

Further, we are living in a time of risk and instability. New technologies, globalization and increased transparency are increasingly upending the financial environment giving many leaders a deep sense of unease. As an immigrant, I have learned to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of different situations. Being adaptable means I am open to new ideas, anticipate changes and do not panic when things do not go as planned. As a leader, I will also be faced with situations that require quick decision-making or unusual events that may threaten to disrupt the business operations. In such cases, being adaptable will ensure a rapid and appropriate response that minimizes the adverse effects.

Thirdly, the fact that I served in the US army for four years in logistics adds to the impact I can make in the financial sector. I was responsible for supervising and performing different tasks involving the upkeep and maintenance of equipment and supplies. With such experience, I am better-placed to manage a business’s finances, maintain accurate financial records and other documents such as material control, inventory, and supply reports. I will also be able to raise the accuracy and quality of performance and cost data through improved management. Also, I was responsible for maintaining automated supply system for accounting of organizational and installation supplies. Such experience will be important for the use and maintenance of finance automation systems that facilitate the centralization of standard business processes such as import documentation, export, negotiation, and quotation.

Besides this attribute, the military has trained me to accept and discharge responsibility for resources, for other people and one's behavior. In the finance sector, this training will allow me to give carefully considered directions, motivate and inspire leadership capabilities in others. Further, the government employs all types of Americans regardless of their gender, race, and economic status. For this reason, I have had the opportunity to work with people of different backgrounds, attitudes, and attributes. This experience has prepared me to work with all types of individuals on a daily basis.

Another important characteristic of all military personnel is that they must perform well; they often set priorities, meet schedules and accomplish their missions in a timely manner. Even though pressure and stress are common in this area, service members are properly trained to deal with any situation positively and effectively (Smith). In business, consistently meeting deadlines will be a cornerstone of good organizational reputation; deadlines are important particularly for firms that work with specific time constraints. Given these attributes, I am confident that I will make a great contribution to the diverse and dynamic workplace at financial firms.

Works Cited

Smith, Michael. "Young Soldiers Benefit From Master Resiliency Training At BAF." N.p., 2016. Web. 1 Sept. 2017.

May 10, 2023

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