World War Z Plot and Film Analysis

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Movies about deadly viruses and epidemics are now at the peak of popularity, sitting at home in the warmth and safety is reasonable to imagine what can be avoided if you continue to "self-isolate". But not all films, as well as series on this topic, amaze the imagination with originality, scale, and the fact that they can really scare. World War Z (2013) has a very good rating and even Brad Pitt is in the title role. The plot of the picture is quite simple, but this is good because it does not distract from what is happening on the screen, you just watch the film and completely immerse yourself in its atmosphere. There is nothing superfluous here, there are no boring conversations about anything, there is no pathos, there is only action.

The Plot and Film Analysis

This film is about the epidemic in that context and shows the problem on that scale. There is a real pandemic, and even developing at a reactive speed, and therefore the film came out not only super watchable and shot on a grand scale, but also very dynamic, with an original plot and visual inserts, which, despite the popularity of this topic, cannot be found in any other film, even in later ones. On one of the rather ordinary days, in one of the usual traffic jams, the family of the protagonist the hero Jerry is faced with an invasion of zombies. The pandemic of Asian origin has already covered half the world and reached America, it seems that there is not a single calm place left. Jerry's old connections help the family escape on the ship, in return, he needs to participate in sorties to South Korea in order to find a cure, but the plot is not very intricate (Forster). One peculiar point about the film is that, unlike other zombie apocalypse movies, its events do not take place in a single country. In such a way, Marc Forster and a group of screenwriters managed to demonstrate the omniscience of the event, thus creating an atmosphere of a total catastrophe.

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Starring Brad Pitt for his lead role in World War Z, won two awards. The image of a decent family man suits the actor very well, in real life, he has six children (albeit there are two marriages behind him). It is nice to watch a positive character, ready to risk his life for his loved ones, to take a hit on himself in a critical situation. The positive aspects of the picture include well-chosen music. The soundtracks bring their own unique charm and successfully complement some moments for a general understanding of the situation (Bradshaw). On a technical level, the film goes far beyond the regular zombie apocalypse genre. The attention to detail is quite high, only further establishing the theme of a global crisis.

The zombie apocalypse implies a certain amount of horror, blood, and "severed limbs" in the frame. Here, all this, of course, is also there, but it is shown quite easily without savoring and large frames. The action of the film starts literally from the first minutes, there will be no buildup and protracted introduction. Events are developing rapidly and dynamically, the film is very spectacular, and special effects, realistic explosions, and extras are shot well. The film lasts almost two hours, but one cannot take one’s eyes off the screen, the movie can easily be watched in one sitting (Bradshaw). The film is quite thrilling from its beginning to the end with the tension being constantly held throughout. Even by the end of the film, the crisis is not solved completely, leaving the audience with an open ending, guessing what the world will be like after the events shown on screen.


In this work directed by Marc Forster, we see the story from the beginning to its logical end, and even though the ending was not quite a "happy ending", the film itself turned out to be absolutely complete. It turned out quite like the end of the first film about the Terminator (1984), when "the storm is just approaching," which then allowed the audience to finish the continuation of the story. The film takes on some of the qualities of other zombie films, such as Resident Evil (2002), I Am Legend (2007), and even Shaun of the Dead (2005), etc. Brad Pitt coped with his role with dignity, an ordinary person, a loving husband, a good father, and an experienced military man.

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