You are appointed as a Project Manager Client on a 10m project in London.

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You are appointed as a Project Manager Client on a 10m project in London.

How do you: (in one sentence)?

Set out the rationale for the project…….

The project would be rationalised using SWOT, PESTLE, PARETO and Cause and Effect analysis methodologies.

Ensure that the correct decisions are made at the right level…………

For correct decisions to be made at the right level, a formation of a project executive board is necessary to govern and control the operations of the project (PMJ 2005, p. 12) by approving all decisions and to agree on the levels of decision making in the project.

Establish which option of two good options to take to a full Project Management procedure…….

The alternative model would be incorporated as opposed to Prince 2 model, where the vision, reference point, purposes and intentions, key achievement factors and challenges to project’s success will be highlighted to undertake a full project management procedure.

Who would you have on the Project Board and why (one sentence)?

The project board would consist of the project owner (sponsor), project manager and chief supplier since they are the main project stakeholders to ensure successful project completion.

Discuss 6 major principles in project management planning.

Principle 1: Customers Quality Expectation

The customer quality expectation defines the characteristics of the project product anticipated by the targeted customers. These features are well demarcated and decided upon during the design stage of the project. The customer quality expectation widely describes the broad-spectrum quality needs which are elaborated in detail during acceptance criteria analysis.

Principle 2: Acceptance Criteria

Every project is initiated to create a product that is desired by customers. Therefore, the product must meet the requirements of the customers and the project manager’s role is to ensure the product is definite, unequivocal, unblemished and complies with set industry standards.

Principle 3: Project Product Description

The project product description explains the product, its design and the excellence standard as anticipated by the targeted customers. To accomplish required product, the foreseen attributes of the product are determined through deliberations with the customers and then developed to be included in the project product design.

Principle 4: Quality Criteria and Tolerances

Here the product is described in terms of performance, structure, input materials and costs involved in producing product. These are the measurements that are utilised to gauge the project product quality standards as pronounced in the customer quality expectation. Ensures minimum standards for similar products are adhered to.

Principle 5: Quality Methods

These are the procedures used to measure whether the product meets the excellence required. The procedures includes testing the degree of product quality and supplier quality standards.

Principle 6: Quality Register / Acceptance Records

These records monitor the superiority of the product to confirm the product meets all desired attributes as intended during product design stage. The records encompass of product quality testing and respective outcome of the testing.

What is the objective of a Communication Strategy in a Project and explain how it might reach different Groups

Objective…. Communication strategy is very vital in successful project implementation as it aids in exchanging information between project manager, owner, team members, and the project board. Effective communication increases project’s efficacy by prompt resolutions to challenges experienced through ease and availability of a communication structure.

Each Group………. The instructing team could be communicated through individual or team meetings, conferences would be used to keep informed, caution and seek view from huge teams. Webpages and newsletters would be used to also inform people of the happenings.

Question B

You are setting up a New Bijou Hotel in a district of London. You have to write an Outline Business Case for the project board.

Set out the headings of the business case and explain in each heading (in a paragraph) what the reader might expect to see and why?

Executive summary

Summary of the full project details are provided. The reasons for undertaking the project, the alternative options in achieving the objective are also noted, an overview of the SWOT analysis is provided, the best choice is expressed, its benefits and dis-benefits, costs and risks related to the all considered options are articulated.


The purpose, dimensions and main factors influencing the business proposal are highlighted. The participants involved and assets to be allocated are also described.

Business options

The subject matter is fully elaborated. Extensive evidence should be portrayed in the business case to showcase that other alternative measures have been impartially scrutinised and approbations rationally established to justify the suggestion provided which is constructing a New Bijou Hotel in a district of London.


The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the proposed project are analysed. Uncertainties regarding the proposed project will be present and thus conventions linked to the project are also considered and explored comprehensively. The strengths and weaknesses include internal analysis of the company, opportunities examine both internal and external especially the environment setting while threats are the most vital as they are external enforced limitations. Threats may include legal necessities, supply accessibility, time limit, industry ideals and company processes and necessities.

Favoured option

By analysing the paybacks, outlays and possibilities related to the several alternatives deliberated, the best possibility choice is proposed.

Expected benefits / dis-benefits

The benefits and dis-benefits of the various alternative means of realising goal are projected to illustrate the value of the identified project to the chief stakeholders. These stakeholders are important in determining the success of the project hence this information is compulsory in accepting the proposal.


The timescale for the various reflected opportunities will be indicated for ease of comparison of the benefits of the opportunities.


Direct, indirect and periodic costs for every alternative opportunity is provided to ensure an overall display of all expected costs have been combined.

Investment Appraisal

All opportunities are reviewed to confirm the most viable and beneficial preference to undertake.

Major risks

Note and classify the most important risks for every alternative reflected. For high risks, alleviation approaches and cost estimates are emphasised. Risk mitigation involves modifying the dimensions to minimise the threat, taking the initiative action to lessen effect, transferring accountability to third parties, having a back-up plan, and others.

Draw two tiers of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) ie the top line products and then the sub-products that lie underneath them on a single page of A4.

1.1 Approval from the board and terms of reference

1.2 Accepted project team roles

1.3 Business case description

1.4 Stakeholder management plan / communication plan

1.5 Project Viability i.e. Costs, benefits, time, barriers and aim analysis.

1.6 Business case actualisation. Testing benefits.

1.7 Confirming benefits and approving the project.

1.8 Project closure, delivering finished product to customer.

Set out a Product Description for one of your Products in your WBS

Project Product Description: Feasibility

Top down approach

Confirm purpose and significance, identify the aim, necessity requirement and the proposal structure.

Bottom up approach

In this case, the actual structure, exhaustive design characteristics, the roles, PERT documentation, overall cost, the quality and supplier strategy are investigated fully.

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