Zootopia Movie Review

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Modern humanity is so delighted with its achievements that it mistakenly assured itself that everything is subject to it, including nature, forgetting that it is a part of this very nature. This idea is most often reflected in the documentary genre, but a few years ago it became the main leitmotif of the animated film Zootopia (2016). The plot of the film takes place in a fictional reality, where anthropomorphic animals of various species coexist with each other in peace and harmony, only occasionally reminding each other of their place in this world. At the same time, in addition to its semantic features, the cartoon also turns out to be an exciting detective story with its own intrigue, mystery, and unexpected denouement.

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Analysis of The Plot

Zootopia is a city in which different types of animals live, and each species has its own area, which is equipped for a comfortable life. In this city, everything is like people - there are policemen, rescuers, taxi drivers, and a hare Judy Hopps, a new police officer, but this type of animal is not particularly suitable for this role and Judy will have to work hard to earn the respect of more massive colleagues. She has to solve a difficult case with her partner, the cunning and dodgy fox Nick Wilde (Howard and Moore). Hence, the plot becomes intriguing right from the start turning a seemingly casual children’s story into a detective narrative.

The cartoon is large-scale and very detailed, the city is implemented well, in all individual areas, for example, Sahara squares and Tundratown. There are a lot of animals, from mice, and elephants to tigers, which also gives scale to what is happening. This is not a typical cartoon, where 5 people acting characters and characters are colorful and fall in love with themselves at first sight. Judy is a very kind and purposeful bunny, Nick, at first glance, is rather cynical, but he also has a good heart (Hoffman). The attention to detail is quite evident with not only many different animals being present in the story but also their nature serving an important meaning and playing a key role in the narrative.

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On the screen, the audience can observe the life of a city inhabited by all kinds of living creatures, from tiny herbivores to large predators. Each of them has a kind of activity to match the "animal" character: the Fox, for example, is engaged in not quite legal affairs, the rabbits keep the farm, and the lion and the king of beasts hold the position of mayor of Zootopia. The main plot is tied to the joint investigation of the police rabbit Judy and the rogue fox Nick in the case of the disappearance of animals (Howard and Moore). And throughout the story, one cannot be distracted from watching for a moment due to the fact that it is interesting how the main intrigue will end, and the funny plot branches associated with various animals.

The ending was also pleasing because for the children's cartoon, there was such an unexpected twist, and in itself, it was interesting and plot-based. The moral component is also present and lies in the fact that, despite external differences, all the inhabitants of Zootopia (read people) can be said to be of the same species, and this idea can be interpreted in our modern world in completely different ways. The animation, as always with Disney, is at its best, even the smallest details are drawn, but on the whole, a harmonious image of such a contrasting city is created, on one side of which there is snow and cold, and on the other, a hot savannah (Hoffman). The visuals are quite meaningful as well and contrast between civilized life available for all people should they accept it, and corrupt wild life with no moral principles.

The soundtrack is rather nondescript, but this is done on purpose so as not to distract the viewer from the plot. In general, the music is light and fits well with the events shown in the cartoon. The graphics are modern and look good for 2022, although the cartoon itself was released in 2016 (Hoffman). The technical aspect of the film is rather an icing on the cake; however, it definitely brings a desired effect into the story.

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On the one hand, this film is just a sweet story about friendship, tolerance, perseverance, and the pursuit of a dream. On the other hand, Zootopia is a mirror of the cultural diversity debate going on in Western society, it is hard to tell who is who. At some points, it seems that Zootopia is really a hell of a campaign for multiculturalism, as some commentators have argued. However, at other times there was a feeling that the creators of the cartoon were openly trolling the left with their agenda, for example, various kinds of representativeness quotas. The evolution of Miss Bellwether as the main caricature leftist is also interesting: it was unexpected both from the point of view of the plot and from the point of view of the idea.

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June 06, 2022



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