75 Great Descriptive Essay Topics

September 06, 2021

Good descriptive essay topics emphasize vivid explanations and descriptions of different objects, people, or places. These types of essays allow for great freedom of expression, and students generally enjoy writing them. Descriptive essays aim to entice the readers’ senses and allow them to hear what you’ve heard and seen what you’ve seen in great detail. That is why they are very good examples of writing exercises for students of all ages.
However, finding ideas for descriptive essays could be difficult, despite their apparent artistic freedom. Describing something in a way in which the reader can imagine it and without additional explanation is challenging. It is why many students refer to a professional essay writer for writing assistance and are smart to do so.
Writing descriptive essays is very helpful for a college student. It teaches them about essay and sentence structure, all while allowing them free reign over the descriptive essay’s content. There are plenty of examples of descriptive essay topics which you may use for your academic assignments which we will take a look at.

Develop Your Descriptive Essay Ideas through Ideation

The best way to come up with new descriptive essay prompts is through mind mapping and brainstorming. Start writing words and phrases of things you are passionate about, such as certain people, personalities, places, and objects. Start drawing lines between them and see if you may come up with interesting titles to write about. Come up with several topics in various categories, such as historic figures, objects, and memories you are fond of before settling for a title.

Separate the Essay Outline into Three Sections

Whether you’re a high school or a college student, examples of academic essays always point you toward a three-body structure. Each essay should contain an introduction-body-conclusion structure for the sake of readability and flow. Go over your descriptive writing prompts and see if the one you chose fits the bill and allows you to structure it in three parts. Afterward, it will be much easier to write the best essay you can, given that you have a structured outline to work with.

Ensure Your Essay is Free of Proofreading Errors or Plagiarism

Before you consider handing in your descriptive essay, you should go over it to check for spelling and plagiarism errors. A good descriptive essay topic will only get you so far without proper formatting, cohesive writing style, and in case of accidental plagiarism. Reaching out to a service that specializes in writing papers for money is a good idea at this point. They can assign a professional editor to your descriptive essay to proofread and review it. Plagiarism is a big red flag in academic assignments and will reflect poorly on your college grades – make sure to avoid it.

Consider Other Topics for Descriptive Essay Writing

In case your first choice of descriptive topics doesn’t pan out, you could always write about something else instead. Consult your professor and go over our list of topics to find the perfect one for your subject. Don’t panic and don’t give up on your assignment – simply pick a different descriptive essay topic to pursue and enjoy the writing process. You have plenty of time to write a new essay if you get mixed up writing about something you don’t identify with. If necessary, you can buy descriptive essay from us to save yourself time.

List of 75 Descriptive Essay Topics for you to Choose From

Famous People

Writing about a famous person and their life or biggest achievement might be very inspiring. You can pursue descriptive paragraph topics about the people who inspire you personally for the best results.

  • Your Favorite Author and How They Changed Your Life
  • The Most Important Invention and Its Inventor
  • Who Your Favorite Famous Person Was Before Becoming Famous
  • How a Famous Person Affected Me Personally
  • What I Would Do if I Became a Famous Person Overnight
  • The Time a Famous Person Disappointed You
  • A Person you Consider Should Be Famous but Isn’t
  • What History and Media Is Saying About My Favorite Person
  • A Famous Person Who Died Young and But Still Changed the World
  • How a Famous Person Would Comment on Today’s World
  • My Favorite Historical Sight or Museum and the Person it is Dedicated To
  • Lessons People Can Learn from a Famous Person’s Life
  • My Favorite Famous Person and Everything that’s Named After Them
  • Traits or Skills I Wish I Shared with a Certain Famous Person
  • A Historic Famous Person I’d Like to Meet in Real Life


Celebrities are all around us, including the movie, music, and TV industries – they could provide you with excellent descriptive writing topics. Writing descriptive essays about celebrities that you like or dislike, or celebrity culture in general, is a great creative exercise for college students.

  • The Private Life of your Favorite Celebrity
  • The Celebrity I Would Like to go on a Date With
  • Your Favorite Celebrity Couple
  • A Celebrity I Identify with and Who Influences Me Positively
  • My First Celebrity Crush
  • How Being Famous Affected a Celebrity I’m Fond Of
  • My Favorite Celebrity and their Pet/s
  • How I Would Spend My Money if I Became a Celebrity
  • How a Celebrity I Look Up to Spends Their Free Time
  • The Celebrity’s Life That I Envy Them for Having
  • How My Favorite Celebrity is Interacting with Fans
  • How A Certain Celebrity Overcame a Public Fiasco
  • A Celebrity Who is Vegan and Advocating Against Animal Cruelty
  • How Celebrity Culture Affects the Way We Dress, Talk, and Live
  • A Celebrity Who Has Fallen from Grace and Never Rebound


The places you’ve visited or want to visit, or are inspired by, may make up the foundation of your descriptive writing ideas. If you get lodged writing descriptive essays on these topics, reaching out to a cheap essay service might help you overcome your writer’s block easily.

  • The Spot you Consider Perfect for a First Date
  • My Favorite Public Place in Town
  • Best Place Abroad to Retire To
  • My Favorite Landmarks Around the World
  • The Place Which Motivates Me to be Productive
  • How a Certain Place Affected Me Emotionally
  • The Place That Lets Me Unwind and Destress
  • A Place Each Young Person Should Travel To
  • The Place I Prefer to go to on Weekends
  • The Favorite Store I Like to Visit
  • The Places I Wanna Visit in My Lifetime
  • My Favorite Cold and Hot Destination to Visit
  • The Strangest Place I’ve Ever Visited
  • The Best Outdoors Location I Enjoy Going to
  • The Place I Drove to First When I Got my Driver’s License


Objects such as personal memorabilia, art pieces, or even musical instruments, structures, and clothing styles are some examples of objects to write about. Ideas for descriptive essay writing based on objects are quite limitless in the creative sense and provide students with the best sense of artistic freedom.

  • My Favorite Clothing to Wear and Why
  • How I Rely on my Smartphone on a Daily
  • The Object I Treasure as My Favorite in the Whole World
  • My Favorite Dish and How I Discovered It
  • The First Gift I Received from a Crush or Significant Other
  • The House I Grew Up in and my Fondest Memory of It
  • My First Computer and How I Learned to Use It
  • An Object I Keep Close as My Lucky Charm
  • My Favorite Piece of Art and How it Moved Me
  • An Object my Parents Gave Me as an Heirloom
  • The First Art Piece I Ever Made and How I Came Up with It
  • The Most Important Object I Posses
  • The Things I Keep on My Wherever I Go
  • The Rewards that Motivate Me to Work Harder
  • The Most Precious Object I Lost and Couldn’t Find Again


Writing descriptive essay titles based on your memories is one of the best examples of why descriptive essays are so useful for students’ development. As an example, you could write about your first date, first trip abroad, a hobby you took up, or your favorite toy as a child.

  • The Best Memory I’ve Made with My Parents
  • The Place I Loved Playing in As a Young Child
  • My First Kiss and How it Changed Me
  • How I Learned to Ride a Bicycle
  • A Hobby Which Changed How I Live My Life
  • A Positive Surprise I Received from Someone
  • My First Pet and a Fond Memory I Have of It
  • The Favorite Birthday Party I Had
  • My Favorite Memory from My Grandparents
  • The Time I was Most Scared About my Life
  • How I Used the Internet for the First Time
  • The Longest Trip I Ever Took
  • My First Boat Trip
  • The Best Christmas I’ve Spent with My Parents
  • How I Learned to Cook and the First Dish I Made

Choosing the Best Descriptive Essay Topic

There are plenty of topics for you to choose from in our descriptive essay topics list. Whether you like to write about celebrities, some places, or your memories, there are countless topics to choose from for your paper. Descriptive essays allow for high levels of creative freedom, and the best ones will always come from your heart.
Even then, you could still run in place and need some help finishing your essay, which is why the web might be helpful. You could find essay papers for sale if you get stuck during the writing and need some professional assistance. You are not limited to a single topic and can find other titles to use as inspiration for your paper on our list.