150 Unique Research Paper Topics for Students with Different Majors

March 03, 2021

If you got any kind of writing assignment, you must choose only from good research paper topics for it. Being a writer isn’t easy, especially in case you’re a student who is forced to do it just for getting a passable grade. One way to make things more interesting is to pick a topic that you actually don’t mind researching. Whatever subject you’re studying, it’s important to like it, but finding inspiration isn’t that easy. If you’re struggling with coming up with good ideas, we devised this list specifically to help you out. Take a look and find your perfect option!

Why Is Finding a Good Paper Topic Important?

Who said that students must find interesting topics to research? Of course, there is no universal rule for this, so if you were given a specific theme by university professor, you have no choice other than to research it. But if you are free to write about anything, then yes, you should definitely pick something you like. Research paper means an extended period of work in which you pour hours of effort.

If you are looking for boring facts in boring books, both you and your audience are going to feel bored, too. Writing a paper will feel like a chore, time will move overly slowly, and end results are unlikely to please you or your professor. On the other hand, if you’re excited to share your knowledge, you stand much higher chances of enjoying the process and getting a satisfying grade for it.

Factors to Look Out For When Searching for Your Topic

When students are wondering which research paper questions they should pick, they must pay close attention to specific factors. We focused on four of them to make this process easier for you. You can find them below.

  • Level of personal interest.

Like we said before, ideally, every writer should select a topic close to their own interests. You could browse your online history to see what sites you visited and what issues you researched recently. Talk to your friends or family — maybe there are some things you used to argue about that would make a great theme for a paper.

Consider your favorite books or TV shows: maybe characters there could give you some tips. Students could find amazing topics this way! At the same time, you could check out the list we’ve composed.

  • Your experience.

It’s important to assess your experience and education level objectively before you make any serious choice. Some students love challenges, so sometimes they embark on a complex academic journey that they fail to complete because it’s too difficult. Enthusiasm is great, but it alone won’t let you get very far.

Do only something that you have at least minimal experience with. Similarly, don’t pick topics that are laughably easy. If you are a university student, writing something fit for high school won’t generate positive results — it’ll make your professor think you aren’t trying hard enough.

  • Available sources.

No matter how amazing research topic ideas seem, you must be able to find enough sources to support them. In fact, this should be the first thing you check. For example, if you really like some obscure theme, exploring it could be fun, but if the Internet doesn’t have credible articles or books about it, you won’t be able to do that.

Academic requirements are definite: each claim that the general audience doesn’t know must be cited. And you cannot use just any site you stumble upon since it won’t count as acceptable. Keep these simple rules in mind: research sources should be peer-reviewed, have DOI, or be published in a credible book. They should also be pretty new, such as created within the last 5 or 7 years unless you deliberately dig into historical documents.

  • Your audience.

Audience for every paper is different, which affects writers’ tone, style, and even details they include in their content. For instance, if you were asked to write a paper for your classmates, you’ll need to speak on their level. They know approximately as much as you do, so keep this in mind and don’t try to simplify things too much — they’re already aware of them.

The same principle applies to your teachers. If your audience is general, then yes, you’ll have to explain complex terms in simpler words. This is especially relevant for narrow specializations where you might take meanings of some concepts for granted.

Top 150 Research Paper Ideas

We broke all topics we came up with into different categories. This could facilitate your choice: just look at the section you’re interested in most and look for a good title there. Feel free to grab any topic from below! You can change it as you see fit or leave it as it is — that’s up to you.

History Research Paper Topics

1) Research Background of the U.S. Founding Documents: What Are They?

2) Was George Armstrong Custer a Good Commander for His People?

3) Four Most Commonplace Examples of White Privilege in American Society

4) Compare Development of Early Civilizations in China vs. Egypt

5) Is Civil War More Traumatic Than World War for People?

6) What Are the Chances of the Great Depression Recurring?

7) How Liberated Were Women in the 18th Century?

8) Should Children Focus on Studying Local or World History?

9) Compare Relations between US and Japan vs. US and China

10) What Roots Does Buddhism Have?

11) How Do Average Citizens Perceive Constitution?

12) Three Impacts of Colonization That Are Still Felt in America

13) Would the World Look Different If Atomic Bombs Were Never Dropped?

14) Could an Average Person Count On International Human Rights Protection?

15) Compare Death Toll During American vs. Russian Revolution

16) What Was the Deadliest Civil War in History?

17) How the US Was Formed & Contradictions Surrounding It

18) How Do Genocides Occur & Is There a Way to Stop Them Right Away?

19) How Do Countries Agree on What Constitutes International Human Rights?

20) Explore Interrelation between Justice and Politics

21) What Conditions Did Colombian Exchange Include?

22) Explain the Meaning of the Name “Cold War”

23) What Caused the Ultimate Destruction of the Roman Empire?

24) How Many International Laws Does Terrorism Break?

25) Two Prominent Events in German History

26) Did Russian Revolution Make Things Better or Worse?

27) Can Education Improve Situation with Poverty in Africa?

28) What Are the Goals Behind Emancipation?

29) What Would You Consider the Key Event in World History?

30) How Could the Outcome of Ardennes Counteroffensive Be Different?

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Good Research Topics on Art

31) Trace Connection between Theosophy and Famous Artists

32) What Elements of Art Can Be Considered Mentally Healing?

33) What Makes Islamic Calligraphy Stand Out From Similar Systems?

34) Summarize The Scream: What It Depicts, and What Inspired Its Artist?

35) Harlem Art & Its Place in the Modern World

36) Describe Visual Culture of Your City

37) Pick Any Two Popular Art Movements in Japan & Explore Them

38) Compare Architecture in the US vs. France

39) Is Paris Fashion Week Different From Such Weeks Elsewhere?

40) Is There Any Symbolism Behind Cubism or Is It Superficially Simple?

41) Role of Art in Wars & Revolutions

42) Is Pablo Picasso a Good Artist Objectively?

43) Present Your Theory on How Pyramids Were Built

44) Is Becoming an Artist Viable These Days or Is It a Waste of Time?

45) Share Rare Facts About Leonardo Da Vinci’s Work Others Might Not Know About

46) Opinion Piece on Italian Renaissance: How Do You Perceive It?

47) Is There Such Concept as Universal Beauty in Art?

48) Artistic Personality of Jackson Pollock

49) Nazi Art That Survives to This Day

50) Are All Dancing Styles Artistic?

51) How Did Chinese Art Change After Cultural Revolution?

52) Link Between Social Inequality and Undiscovered Talents

53) What Makes Roman Art Unique? Compare the Situation Now vs. Before

54) What Informs People’s Opinions on Inspiring Objects?

55) Is It Possible to Recognize Chinese Art Right Away?

56) Frida Kahlo: Real Live vs. Its Movie Depiction

57) Major Events in Greek Art History That Continue to Have Impact

58) Contributions Federico Fellini Made to Art Historically

59) Why Do Some People Not Consider Ceramics Art?

60) Could Religious Artwork Be Called Too Monotonous in Terms of Style and Content?

Psychology Research Essay Topics

61) Is Bipolar Disorder As Common as It Is Believed?

62) How Does Insecurity Sustained in Childhood Affect Adolescents?

63) Evaluate the Available Stress Management Program Implemented For Officers

64) How Common Is Insanity Defense in the US?

65) Why Is There No 100% Efficient Treatment for PTSD?

66) Explore Personality of Ivan Pavlov Based on His Experiments

67) Is Mental Health Management More Effective Now Than It Was in the Past?

68) Forensic Mental Health: The Insanity Defense

69) What Effects Do Sexual Dysfunctions Have on Men’s Mental Health?

70) Is Sobriety Support Helpful For Those With Severe Drug Abuse Issues?

Accounting Research Project Ideas

71) Who Should Be Responsible for Shop Inventory & Its Safety?

72) Which Changes in Government Policies Can Have an Impact on Audit Quality?

73) Is It Possible for CEO to Steal From Their Company Unnoticed for an Extended Period?

74) Which Philosophical Movements Can Be Linked to Accounting?

75) Compare Principles Behind International Accounting vs. Those In Your Country

76) Are Most Religious Organizations Engaging in Financial Fraud?

77) Implications for Tax Evasion in Texas and How They Differ From Other US States

78) What Factors Are Combined to Devise a Budget for a Year?

79) Research the Purpose Lying Behind the Internal Audit

80) How Does Resource Planning Function?

List of Research Topics for IT and Technology

81) What Is the Future of Agile Methodologies In Terms of Programming?

82) What Technological Considerations Should Be Established Within a Healthcare Setting?

83) Do Hackers Primarily Threaten Individuals or Businesses?

84) What People Understand Under Information Systems Concept vs. What It Truly Means

85) Is There an Absolutely Secure Way of Programming?

86) Do You Personally Find Computer Science an Interesting Research Area?

87) Four Common Types of Internet Crimes Committed Daily

88) What Is the Age Range for People Who Are the Likeliest Victims of Hackers?

89) Tasks and Responsibilities of Project Managers in Global Corporations

90) What Are the Safest Encryption Tools in 2021?

Best Research Topics on Nursing

91) Preventing Cardiovascular Disease By Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Among Teenagers

92) Is the Use of Simulators Effective in Nursing Training?

93) Three Key Features of Advanced Practice Nursing

94) Is Level of Obesity Dependent on Families’ Income?

95) Role of Nurse Practitioners in Reducing COVID-19 Cases

96) Why Is Public Smoking Ban Ineffective? Explore Strategies Large Firms Use to Bypass It

97) People’s Perceptions of Obamacare: Was It the Best Thing to Happen to US Healthcare?

98) How Could Nurse Practitioners Be Not Qualified Enough?

99) Explore Percentage of People Who Become Nurses After Getting Nursing Education

100) What Healthcare Technologies Can We Expect to Emerge in the Future?

Technology College Research Paper Topics

101) How Are Database Designs Created & Who Is Responsible for This Process?

102) Why Are Most Intrusion Detection Systems Painted as Ineffective in Movies?

103) Is E-Commerce Absolutely Safe in Modern Times? If Not, What Are the Dangers?

104) If You Were a CEO of a Huge Firm, How Would You Ensure Cybersecurity?

105) Describe Differences between Passive and Active Learning

106) How Does Technology Damage Work Environment?

107) Should Electronics Be Encouraged or Forbidden During College Lessons?

108) Describe Major Contributions of Apple Inc. into Modern Technologies

109) Personal Benefits We Could Get From Using Nanotechnology

110) How Could People Still Transform Technology to Change Everyone’s Future Lives?

Anthropology Topic for Research Paper

111) What Is the Purpose of Linguistic Anthropology?

112) Research Etymology of Your Name: Where Did It Come From?

113) Science Behind Comparative Politics: Why Is This Concept a Must?

114) Explore Feminism Movements Through Continents & Discuss Their Evolution

115) History and Anthropology as Two Connected Sectors

116) Which Country Has Experienced Genocide Most Often & Why It Happened?

117) Should All Indigenous Tribes Be Protected by the Government?

118) Research Breastfeeding Practice Differences Across Countries

119) How Did Sexuality and Its Acceptance Evolve in the US?

120) Is Tobacco Use Considered a Part of Any World Culture?

Research Papers Topics Ideas for Engineering

121) Aviation System in Uganda: Its Past, Present, & Future Developments

122) What Kinds of Modern Transport Could Be Viewed as Sustainable?

123) The Most Dangerous Transport Fuel Now vs. In the 90s

124) What Is Seismology, and How Is It Related to Engineering?

125) Could Neurosurgery Help to Create a Fully Healthy Brain for Saving One’s Life?

126) Development & Popularity of Smart Elevators: Where Did They Appear First and Why?

127) Best Sensors for Smartphones vs. iPhones: Provide a Comparison

128) How Should Solar Systems Be Improved for Becoming More Accessible?

129) How Can People Use Electromagnetic Fields to Their Advantage?

Easy Research Paper Topics on English

130) Compare How Sexual Awakening Is Described in Novels From Different Eras

131) Explore Biased vs. Non-Biased Depiction of Immigration in Literature

132) Is Racism Majorly an American Problem or Do All Countries Suffer From It?

133) What Types of Plagiarism Are Seen as Most Severe by US Academic Establishments?

134) Are Books Exploring the Bigfoot Phenomenon Fall Under Fiction or Non-Fiction?

135) Should US Have the Same Age of Consent Across All States or Is Separate System the Best Approach?

136) Is Gap Year a Purely American Practice or Do People Engage in It Internationally?

137) What Is Meta, and How Is It Applied to Literature?

138) Explore Depiction of Motherhood in the Books Published in the US vs. Russia

139) What Literary Devices Make Books Descriptive & Which Of Them Are Most Effective?

Healthcare & Medicine Research Papers Topics for College

140) Best Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Weight in Modern Times

141) Is Passive Smoking Just a Myth Aimed at Shaming Smokers?

142) Why Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Still Cannot Be Explained?

143) Research Methods for Resolving Issues within Public Health Sector

144) Is Patient-Centered Care the Best Decision for Hospitals?

145) Technical Problems That Often Occur with Electronic Health Records

146) Why Is Alcoholism Still Heavily Encouraged by the Government?

147) What Food Should Women Consume During Their Pregnancy to Stay Healthy?

148) Can Depression Be Detected in People Without Them Saying It?

149) What Training Do Children with Special Needs Require for Progressing In Their Education?

150) Which Population Slice Is Heart Disease Most Common In?

Find Your Topic and See Writing In a More Positive Light

We hope that this list helped you make your choice. Inspiration can be triggered by anything — just take a look at as many options as possible until something catches your eye. You’ll see that writing becomes far more enjoyable after this, and even doing research stops being boring. In most cases, this fact helps students get a better grade since they are writing with true passion. But if you need more personal help with an essay or its title, it’s not a problem either as you can always contact us. Our team stays online all the time, and they are ready to take care of your task ASAP!