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This paper reflects on the democratic values/ morals of the White House and the Nations. In addition, it discusses how they used rumors to empower votes and the positioning of bills. The paper explicitly covers the history of the United States from 1780 to the inauguration of President Donald John Trump. Morals / ideals are equivalent to the temple on the hill of human nature. Values/morals are part of human beings' most divine qualities. This sacred sense of wrong and right is valued by individuals. The dearness and closeness of people's values means that tension is entrenched in the presence of morality in particular. At this point, neither side is ready to give up the holy land.
It is helpless to say that some people are more virtuous compared to others. Some studies have discovered the effects of what many people refer to as "better-than-average." A lot of people tend to say they are more competent, smarter, and even friendlier than others when they are asked to compare themselves to people considered average. The effect appears much more extreme for some of the traits of morals such as trustworthiness and honesty. Naturally, people view themselves as though they are smarter than others, hence making them appear there are at the top of the scale. As a consequence, the self-inflated morality of people becomes more irrational compared to their friendliness or intelligence bumped up views. Some people consider themselves genius, others see themselves as a little below average, while others think they are smarter than the average.
Ordinarily, the thinking of a person to be better than the average people, smatter, or genius brings with it some gossip. With the kind of gossip, some people consider themselves the virtue’s paragons, even though this abundance of virtue is perceived by a few individuals in others. Various groups have their own moral superiority’s sense. Politically, the kind of values/ morals makes others show how much their side is becoming better consistently. For this reason, they tend to consider that other sides must always do something that is not right. In the United States, from 1870 to the time of president Donald Trump, values/ moral superiority has been a full display in their presidential elections. Often, the moral decision played a significant role in influencing people on the person to vote for during the placement of bills and elections.
In the recent poll, for example, Donald John Trump tried all his best for making his opponent Hillary Clinton to appear like a wrong choice among the citizens of US. Trump, repeatedly called her a liar. In some instances, he went ahead and referred to her as "Crooked Hillary." In the same way, the Democrats responded to the gossips. They demonized the people who were planning to vote for Donald Trump. They argue that the talks of Trump were all lies. Hillary Clinton frequently referred to the speeches of Trump as "basket of deplorable." In most cases, the message of Clinton appeared that “you are against us if you are not with us” again "you are a bad person if you are not with us." In the same way, the persuasive speech of Mitchel Obama summed up the campaign. Her speech seemed to be much supporting of Hillary Clinton and arguing against Donald Trump. Mitchell Obama maintained that her speech was not about politics rather, about the "decency of human basics." The speech is about what is wrong and what is right. In nature, the States and White House’s government morals and values are used by the politicians to come up with some gossips that help them empower the placement of various Bills and Elections. The United States has experienced such gossips since 1780 to the time of the current president, Donald Trump.
The Political Values/ Morals of the White House and States’ Government (1870 to the election of President Donald Trump).
Levels of Power
The US is considered a federal republic. For this reason, the power that is reserved for the national government is shared among the Congress, president, and the federal courts according to the constitution. Here, the sovereignty is shared by the state government with the federal governments. At this point, the president heads the executive branch. Formally, this branch is independent of both the judiciary and the legislature. The cabinet plays a significant role of serving as a set of advisers to the president. In the United States, the cabinet is made of the executive department head and the vice president. The two chambers of Congress are vested with the power of legislative. These two houses include the house of representatives and the Senate. The judiciary of the judicial branch is made of the lower federal courts as well as the supreme courts .
The two levels of courts are essential in the exercising of the powers of the judiciary. The primary function of the judiciary is to interpret the federal laws, the constitution of United States as well as regulations. Some of the rules involve the resolution of disputes between the branches of legislative and executive. Again, the constitution explains the layout of the federal government. The politics of America is dominated mainly by the Republic Party and the Democratic Party. These two leading parties have dominated the politics of America since Civil War. However, there are also other parties that are smaller in size. These little parties include the Green Party, Libertarian Party, as well as the Constitution Party. A significant difference occurs between the United States political system and that of the most other democracies that are already developed. In the United States, for instance, there is greater power in the legislature's upper house.
Again, the supreme court holds higher power. In fact, the third parties are presented with less influence of politics in the US compared to other developed countries that are democratically run. The United States combines some stringent controls of the history. Such powers take shape in the federal and state law’s forms. In this case, the winner of the election has to take it all. The elections also have some exclusionary rules of debate and the method of ballot access. The history of the country is reflected by this jurisdictions’ multiplicity. The States created the federal governments. As colonies, these governments govern themselves independently and were established separately. The colonies formed the units of government for the efficient carrying out of the several functions of the state. However, more of the State models were admitted on the ones that were already existing due to the expansion of the country.
Political Values/ Morals
The political values and morals of the White House and States’ governments have had some impact on the US elections and the passing of Bills since 1870 to date. For example, the 1780’s alone was characterized by various activities. In January that year, for instance, there was an American Revolutionary War. Another war, the fourth Anglo-Dutch began in December the same year. These kinds of war were mainly increased by the political morals and values. There was an extreme limitation of the ordinary men and women’s political rights. In this case, only the people with substantial wealth and property were allowed to participate in the voting exercise. As a result, those who could vote were limited in number. To be precise, they were about 250,000 people. This figure is a representation of the population’s small fraction. The Many States represented their members for the representation of the "rotten boroughs." Again, the number of people who turned out to elect the president to the White House were few. In these boroughs, only a small number of people were provided with the disproportionate representation in the parliament. Some bigger towns, such as New York had no representatives. These cities were expanding quickly as a result of the industrialization and migration. However, the representation was realized later as a consequence of the passing of the first Act of reform.
Even though the majority of the population of Americans were not allowed to vote, the public opinions influence was incredibly strong. The citizens had to express their will in several ways. The two political factions (Democrat and Republican) suffered some ridicule and bullying in print. Just like today, the political values and morals can easily fall quickly according to the opinion of the public. The leading artists had to satire most of the politicians mercilessly. In some cases, the political values/ morals were expressed more directly. Daily life was characterized by rioting in both countryside and towns. In effect, several people come to fear the ‘mob’s’ power. In particular, the action of the crowd was much stronger in New York. In this place, people engaged in the regular throwing of stones at the leading politicians’ crowds. Besides, they could also boo the ministers that were not popular. The households were sometimes forced by the crowds to light their windows for the celebration of the military or political victories. In this case, the massive mobs were formed around their political heroes. There was also a regular occurrence of the rioting over food. No political parties were registered under the name of the colonies that formed in the 1790s. However, each of these colonies had factions that were shifting to vie for power.
The Ideology of the America
The classical liberalism, as well as the republicanism, is evident to remain the dominant ideology following the political values/ morals of the White House and States. In this case, there is an inclusion of the declaration of the independence of the central documents. Also, the constitution (1787) was included in the primary document and the federalist papers in 1788. There is also a bill of rights in 1791 as well as the Gettysburg Address of Abraham Lincoln in 1863 among others. Historically, the political values/ morals of the United States have been serving for the exclusion of the population from accessing the full citizenship.
This political value has been termed ‘astrictive’ inegalitarianism. At the time of founding the United States, small private businesses including agriculture were the dominant of the economy. As a result, the issues of the welfare were left by the state government to either local or private initiative. However, the Great Depression led to abandoning of this political value in the 1930s. Moreover, the Keynesian consensus characterized the fiscal policy between the 1930s and 1970s. At this time, the economic policy was dominated by the modern American liberalism. However, in the late 1970s and some parts of 1980s, the political morals were used as the best way to become powerful in the field of politics.
Election and the Political Parties
Even though the constitution of the America fails to mention political parties, the political values/ moral can have some dangers regarding their factions. It is also observed that George Washington, the first president of US was not affiliated with any political party during his tenure as the president or at the time of the election. He feared conflict and stagnation because of his hope that there was no sign of forming political parties. However, his immediate circle of advisors resulted in the emergence of the two-party system. The core leaders of the two parties that were emerging become Madison and Hamilton. In modern times, candidates seek public office through political parties or as independent in any partisan elections. Again, even for one to enter the White House, he or she has to be either from a given party or go to the election as an independent candidate. Currently, the two leading political parties in the US include the Democrat and the Republican. Significantly, each State is provided with the discretion method in deciding the way of nominating candidates by considering some political values and morals. Typically, the major candidates of the party are chosen in the convention or primaries of the party. In the same way, there is a requirement of both the Independent and the minor side to complete a process of the petition before being declared candidates.
The Use of Gossip to Empower Election and Bills Placement
Unlike in most of other countries, the politics of America seems to be more loosely organized. They mainly rely on gossips for the empowerment of election and placement of bills. In particular, the two major parties lack the formal organization at the national level for the control of the activities, membership, or position of the policy. In some States of the US, a voter can decide to vote for one or another party even after registering as the member of a different party. There is no restriction of choices of individuals by such participation in any way. Moreover, a person is not given any specific obligations rights by such involvement. It is possible for a person to attend the meeting of both parties on different dates. Here, the quality and quantity of participation are in the activities of the party as well as the ability for persuading others in attendance for giving one responsibility is the primary factor that can bring an individual "closer to the action."
In short, the political parties in American are characterized by the weak central organizations. For this reason, political values/ morals play a significant role to be elected to the various post of the State including White House. Both parties are provided with the separate committees for the campaign which aimed at selecting candidates at a particular level. For example, the Hill committees significantly help in electing candidates to each Congress' house. Just like other former presidents of US, Donald J Trump is continuing using the power of gossip to make headlines in media and other social sites. The president is characterized by the various news outlets tweeting criticisms on a regular basis. Some gossips were going around that Trump may tweak the White House press briefings format.
On average, the president takes 1 question every 15 days in his administration. George Bush, on the other hand, took an average of 1 question every 82 days. The number of questions that Obama used to take from the press were much higher than other former presidents. Nonetheless, there is no press conference that Trump has held since July 27, 2017. After Theodore Roosevelt become the president of US, he decided to use gossips as well as increasing access for reporters. The treatment of the "newspaper cabinet" was aimed at having the power to pass the relevant bills more quickly.
In summary, this paper has explored the White House and the States’ political values/ morals. For example, in the recent elections, “50 Cent” is said to have been offered $500,000 to hunt for more votes from the blacks for Donald Trump. Besides, the paper has focused on how the people seeking elective posts uses gossip to empower elections and bills’ placement. According to the findings from the paper, the morals/ values are similar to the human nature's temple on the hill. The values/ morals form part of the most divine attribute of human being. This sacred sense of wrong and right is cherished by individuals. The dearness and nearness of the morals of people mean that in particular, conflict becomes entrenched with the involvement of morality. At this point, neither side becomes willing of yielding sacred ground. However, there are some weaknesses in the US political organizations. The country has to improve on their way of politicking and results on the overreliance on gossips.
The politics of United States for various seats including the race for White House has not changed much. Just like the times of the first president George Washington, the current president, Donald Trump still used gossips against her opponent to win votes. Moreover, such gossips are still applied to other officials with the aim of passing some Bills in different States. The notion that a person is better than the average people, smatter, or genius brings with it some gossip. Heated political values and morals were witnessed in the recent election. In particular, Donald John Trump tried all his best for making his opponent Hillary Clinton to appear like a wrong choice among the citizens of US. Trump, repeatedly called her a liar. In some instances, he went ahead and referred to her as "Crooked Hillary." In the same way, the Democrats responded to the gossips. They demonized the people who were planning to vote for Donald Trump. They argue that the talks of Trump were all lies. Hillary Clinton frequently referred to the speeches of Trump as "basket of deplorable." In most cases, the message of Clinton appeared that "you are against us if you are not with us" again "you are a bad person if you are not with us."
In nature, the States and White House's government morals and values are used by the politicians to come up with some gossips that help them empower the placement of various Bills and Elections. The United States has experienced such gossips since 1780 to the time of the current president, Donald Trump. Overall, the US should consider changing their methods of organizing politics. The politicians should focus more on practical ideologies rather than gossips.

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