2000 infants loet their lives due to diarrheal related infections

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Around 2000 newborns died worldwide as a result of diarrheal illnesses. Most importantly, these deaths have been linked to poor sanitation and hygiene practices.

Contaminated water causes a variety of health issues, including fatigue, susceptibility to other illnesses, stunted or slowed growth, and being underweight.

It is easier to prevent issues from dealing with unclean water than it is to manage the complications.

Fill in the blanks with your second reason.

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Children's health is harmed by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.

W. Checkley, R.H. Gilman, R. E. Black, L. D. Epstein, L. Cabrera, C. R. Sterling, and L. H. Moulton (2004). Effect of water and sanitation on childhood health in a poor Peruvian sub-urban community. The Lancet, 363(9403), 112- 118.

Gunther,. L. & Fink. G (2010) Water, Sanitation and children’s Health Evidence from 172 DHS Surveys. Woeld, (April).

Humphrey, J. H. (2009). Child under nutrition tropical enteropathy, toilets, and hand washing. The Lancet, 374(9694), 1032-1035.

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Resources available for safety of infants are:

Florida Health. Its mission is to improve the health of the community around through the combined efforts with the state and county government. Contact: 850-245-4444.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection. It is concerned with regulating systems of water in the public. Contact; Chief of Staff 850-245-201

National Resource Defense Council. It works to ensure every American lives a life free of contamination. 40 West 20th Street on 11th floor. Contact 212.727.2700

www.babycenter.in. They have all the information that concerns the safety of the child in keeping up with the safe development of the child.

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Unsafe sources of water and poor hygiene expose children to many health issues which in turn causes them to live their infancy in danger.

You want your baby to live safely? Then you have to follow some water and sanitation rules on a daily basis. Dirty or contaminated water causes many diseases to children. This is a fact that most parents don’t take great concern into. It is interesting that these diseases can be prevented by engaging in proper sanitation and hygiene. The diarrheal infections that are rampant in some households are all caused by poor sanitation conditions in the environment.

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding the infant health and safety are:

How can I sterilize state water at home? The best way is by boiling since it does not involve addition of chemicals. It is purely natural

Which is the best sanitation method for a child who plays with feces? The best way is to monitor the movement of the child by controlling the next move so that they can be prevented as early as possible.

Is diarrhea the only indication for poor sanitation? Diarrhea is the end product for poor hygiene.

Insert your first example or intervention here.

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Research conducted by Guther and Fink (2010) based on the effects of poor sanitation on child mortality found out that there was a general decline in mortality risk if infants were exposed to proper sanitation infrastructure. Children below the ages of 5 found a general change when the conditions improved according to the study.

Research conducted in Peru for children below 24 months indicated that those who lacked access to clean water and sanitation were a centimeter shorter than their counterparts. Additionally, households without proper sewage disposal mechanisms had children who were 1.8 cm shorter than their equals. This study shows that water and sanitation virtually affect the nutrition status of the infant child (Checkley et al., 2004).

The contribution of sanitation and environmental hygiene to the growth of a child is paramount. Diarrhea is as a result of poor sanitation. This produces a chain of negative reactions to the child. The poor sanitation comes about due to activities like, fecal contact, and poor waste disposal mechanisms. They also affected the cognitive development of the child (Humphrey, 2009).


Pamphlet Sharing Experience

I had a good experience as I shared the contents of my pamphlet with a mother of a 5 year old infant. Since it was her first time to raise a child, she was full of questions on what to do and on ways to tackle some common issues that arose while raising a child. She was an 8th grade graduate who had a good way of grasping things. It is her curiosity that puzzled me. She wanted to know more about the sanitation procedures. Of much concern is that she asked me about the proper procedures for sterilizing water and ensuring that she was safe together with her child.

She was very responsive to almost all the stuff. For instance, she was amazed when I told her that her child would have stunted growth. She told me she would follow the contents of the pamphlet to the latter. I assessed her understandably asking her basic questions from the pamphlet. She willing fully answered. I elaborated for her on themes she found to be complex like the nutrition aspects of her baby. Despite the fact that she was nearly in the dark at first, I was confident that she had grasped my explanations. In conclusion, there is one aspect that I would like to be addressed in public hospitals. New parents should be given guidelines on how to ensure proper hygiene for the new born baby during the first few years of existence.

These problem caused by the environment is highly preventable for a willing parent. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the child is under the safest environment.

Providing proper hygiene at home reduces the diseases which are caused by unsafe environment and inadequate sanitation especially the diarrheal infections.

The only person to blame if the child has poor or stunted growth is the parent. It is better seeing your child grow into a healthy baby than seeing them stunt.

June 12, 2023

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