4 ways to address and embrace constructive conflict.

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The essay discusses the value of constructive disagreement since it often contributes to miscommunication between people in situations that should be avoided. Despite the fact that it is a complex procedure fraught with elevated levels of anxiety for people with clinical and personal capacities, the author suggests that it is the only way to prevent difficulties in a variety of environments. Often, critique is developed in contexts with individuals that have both truthful and constructive feedback (Beaulier-Volk, 2014). Many people are constantly frustrated by others they hold in high regard. Instead, the author advises that people should confront others by helping them understand that it is because they care.

In addition, Beaulier-Volk recommends that readers plan their words before engaging in conversations with others. This can be achieved by carefully arranging words or thoughts on paper so as to better organize what to say and how to say it. Such process enables one to better understand the heart of the problem that is intended to be confronted and solved. Taking regular breaks is also another strategy that should be embraced as the individual being opposed may react strongly. Strong reactions are never expected by anybody and they often result in culmination of problems rather than reduction (Beaulier-Volk, 2014).

For this reason, the author suggests that it always a good idea to maintain a sense of calmness as it will allow one to hear and better understand what is being said by the other party. Staying relaxed is crusial particularly when conversations are characterized by high levels of emotions. This will enable such a conversation to continue when every person has regained their coolness and thus can communicate effectively. There is major misconception that problems can be fully resolved by two or more people who are emotionally charged in one sitting (Beaulier-Volk, 2014). This is because high levels of adrenaline can only allow people to think clearly after two or more hours after it has cooled down from the system.

Charles J. (2009). Advancing Professionalism on a Shoestring Budget Hollenbeck. The Professional Lawyer, 19(3), 22-23, 27.

According to the author of the article, it is particularly challenging to promote professionalism within the bench and bar in New Jersey. This is mainly due to the fact that the city is a voluntary bar state that is characterized by mandatory continuing legal education. This state of affairs has not been caused by judges and lawyers of New Jersey who are outstanding and talented people, as pointed out by the author. There has been no dependable source of funding as the state does not have any mandated professional course requirement. Within the legal community, it is quite challenging to implement programs that could encourage professionalism in one entity (Charles, 2009). The author suggests that there is a need of steady funding that could enable bar associations to accomplish their objectives successfully.

The author’s proposition to the legal entity is to develope professional initiatives that will involve various bar associations as well as the judiciary. There is a need of support system through various disciplines of the legal community that will require full participation of the chief justice (Charles, 2009). This may include collaborative efforts from law schools as New Jersey has already developed cordial relationships with such educational institutions that have already initiated several professional initiatives within them.

McCreary, B. (2009) American Journal. Business Fall, 24(2).

According to the author of the article, in terms of business, web collaboration is when two or more persons seek to combine efforts in order to conducting specific business activities. This only happens when such attempts are enabled by web technologies. It is one of the most uninteresting and thinnest form of communication through chat sessions in a regular blog site. The author offers interesting forms of communication based on common professional or business interests relating to two or more individuals who engage in collaborative efforts through web technologies with the objective of achieving similar professional or business goals such as of designing new products to introduce in the market.

As indicated in the article, electronic commerce has brought about significant improvements in various processes involved in supply chain. For instance, Amazon.com was developed during the dotcom era (McCreary, 2009). Such online companies have ganged large market share in record and books businesses. It is important to note that Amazon.com proved that it had the capacity of cutting chain costs of products like books. Consequently, today many global companies have attained their portions of shares by availing their products and services on the e-commerce websites.

Besides, McCreary suggests that the processes of globalization are the most visible in business area, and are enabled by web collaboration. This is mainly due to globalization that enhances critical business processes such as innovations. Web boosted separation of different groups resulting in the development of global virtual teams (McCreary, 2009). Innovative companies achieved success by discovering the fact that they could include more brain power by involving global teams. As a result, such web collaboration led to the development of faster cycles of innovations that produced better results each time (McCreary, 2009).

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