A Cognitive Style Indicator

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The results reveal that I perform above average in cognitive skills abilities. I comprehend every problem that arises and can plan a solution before it becomes overwhelming. My practices have taught me that I am passionate about planning and could do it for an extended amount of time before the deadlines. My motivations for early preparation are to address any concerns that may arise and impede progress. When difficulties emerge, they will be resolved as soon as possible. Finally, I learned to handle complex problems in a flexible and quick manner. This steers me towards handling the challenges coming along my path.

2. How do your assessment results align with others in your demographic groups who have taken the assessment?

My assessment ranks me at the top of all the other peer groups according to the class average, global average, and sample data mean. To provide an example: the global rating is at an average of 3.86, while my rating is 4.75. This shows that my performance is excellent and allows me to handle any tasks considered high in the global ranks. I absolutely agree with these results as they indicate a high performance in the world market. This also encourages me to do my best to produce even better results.

3. As you reflect on the facets of the results or the commentary provided in the results, what is most meaningful and important to you? Which is less significant? Explain your decision.

The most important for me is the knowing style. I need the ability to understand the environment and work on it for the benefit of my daily activities. When I know the issues arising, I am able to arm myself with the right solution, can develop alternative plans, and tackle them at the right time and in the most appropriate way. My cognitive skills prepare me to gauge the planning and find out if it conforms to my needs. Additionally, having a team to work on complex issues is a rational idea. In case the professionals who are to work on complex problems are not available, my planning must cover only that which I can handle.

The less important part for me is the creative style. Creative people, according to the assessment, do not follow any determined paths. That means that planning is not the kind of step they feel is important. This type of view is different from mine, as I take planning very serious and consider it to be the most important in an organization. Each work done must be through planning and assessment. In planning, it is easy to prevent these issues and prepare the right mechanisms of preventing the complex issues that can arise in an organization. It is better to have abilities to prevent these problems before they occur.

4. How will I use this information to further my professional development?

This information will help me improve and develop my performance. It opens my mind to the areas I need to work on to improve myself. The three areas of the assessment show the different concepts of management that I did not know before. Previously, I worked on the uniform platform having the general definition of the cognitive skills. The smaller subdivisions are helpful to me, as I will now ensure to classify my job into different areas before generating more ideas for growth. It also inspires me to keep the standards high and perform at the same level as before or even at a higher one. I can also find other people whose ranking and performance is above mine to see what they do differently. Borrowing ideas from them will assist me in changing the working formula and lead to success.

5. Summary Paragraph

It is very rewarding to find out about the excellent rating I have received on cognitive skills. I believe that my high scores reflected the plans I have for the future development and growth of the organizations I will work for. Rating above the global and peer average is a significant step. I never knew that cognitive skills can be separated into classes like understanding, planning, and creativity. Now I am determined to continue developing my skills and keep the standards high.

The assessment made me think that other people could receive a higher ranking than me. I believe that it would be beneficial to find such people and assess the different things they do in their line of work. Additionally, I am inspired to examine if there are other ways of ranking and try them out.

May 10, 2023

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