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A community health plan

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A community health plan, maintained by an agency or an employer, is used to provide health care reimbursement or benefits to retired employees or their family members. Expenses for medical insurance can be deferred by fixed contribution plans such as 403(b), 457, or 401(k) (k). Workers may put a portion of their pre-tax earnings into an accumulating account that will hold the deferred tax. Retirees may also save money for their medical bills by working part-time after retirement. The government should also collaborate with nursing homes to provide long-term incentives to meet people's needs as they retire and need assistance with daily activities. I agree with your assertion that the elderly should have retirement plans that accommodate their health expenses. However, I also think that the government should set aside a fund to cater for the elderly in times of need. More organisations should also come up to accommodate the need to provide health care for the numerous health problems at hand. The employers should be mandated to help their current employees in saving for their retirement through schemes that safeguard their future. To promote quality care, nursing home costs should be an option to provide personalized care and assisted living.

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Response 2
You have made a good comparison of the US to Estonia to describe the pension scheme used in the country. The issue with a small population in Estonia has made costs of institutionalizing health care not of much urgency, and the influx of immigrants in the USA has, on the contrary, complicated the issues of quality care, as you have noted. Nevertheless, the government should come up with ways of securing quality care for the elderly. The concept of equal redistribution of wealth could be applied, although I favored the idea of promoting funding and savings for health. The higher taxes you have proposed may not be effective in the long run as there would be a concomitant increase in costs of living.

August 31, 2021


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