A Fishbone Diagram

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The Detrimental Effects of Prejudice on Female Coworkers

The aforementioned fishbone diagram highlights prejudice's contents as a vital element because it can have detrimental effects on the individuals involved, namely the female coworkers. According to the fishbone diagram, one must think on, take notice of, identify important factors, and engage in the contents of causes and related effects of favoritism in order to successfully combat difficulties related to bias (Nakatsu, 2009). Reflect upon helps one to go through strategies that can impact favoritism before opting to counter the challenge with the available solution.

Strategies to Counter Preference Against Women

Note as a strategy entails writing down the problem of favoritism and evaluating the strategies that can be used to counter preference against women in a way that members associated can generate results that counter the issue. Determining key factors in this perspective aims at what can be used in terms of the best approach to counter prejudice. Furthermore, determining key factors sensitizes those involved in solving the issue in terms of noting down how the process of solving can be practiced for the better (Nakatsu, 2009). Causes and related effects are attributes that show the entire process of favoritism practice against women as a negative entity for a firm to thrive.

The Benefits of Countering Favoritism

The aforementioned contents of evading preferentialism against women as strategies are beneficial to any thriving organization as they create and advocate for better results. A fishbone tool can be used to countering favoritism in a firm, on the basis that better understanding and results are bound to be achieved. My point of view is based on the fact that ease of readability is noted in the way presentation has been undertaken in the above fishbone tool (Nakatsu, 2009).

Effectively Countering Favoritism Among Women

The problem statement in discussion is how to effectively counter favoritism among women, and ascertain that the firm thrives. The opportunity of solving favoritism as a challenge using the fishbone method is it generates understanding within the provided time frame and with ease (Nakatsu, 2009). Solving issues in an easy and understandable manner creates comfort and better results because all those associated are able to attain relevant results in the long run. The utilization of the fishbone diagram is it tends to propose strategies related with favoritism based on its ease of comprehensibility.

The Importance of Communication and Collaboration

It is apparent that challenges that require to be resolved to improve effectiveness are merely issues that are effects from other causes that might not be actual challenges in nature. The changes are associated with the application of the restatement process. Essentially, the problem statement changed based on the perspective that the utilization of fishbone process permitted me to better understand the issue at hand. The outcome of the event is the problem statement changed to better help the reader understands the importance of the fishbone tool and its usage in matters associated with practicing the contents of countering favoritism (Nakatsu, 2009). Therefore, it is apparent that solving an issue requires focus and professionalism to counter challenges facing those associated with the problem. The implication here is communication and collaboration are key attributes that can be used to solve an issue for better results. the rationale is based on the fact that the two characteristics bring about teamwork meant to generate better results.


Nakatsu, R. (2009). Reasoning with Diagrams: Decision-Making and Problem-Solving with Diagrams, John Wiley & Sons.

March 02, 2023

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