A Leader in Action

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A leader is someone who can bring people together to work as a team. Many leaders have a tendency to misunderstand the idea of team motivation by presuming that the team members are solely motivated by rewards. However, it has little to do with the possibility that people can be driven by a sense of accomplishment, more duty, or camaraderie (May, 2017). The world has had great leaders in the past who have defied all difficulties to accomplish incredible things by showcasing outstanding skills. This essay's goal is to evaluate Winston Churchill's leadership qualities and explain their relevance to modern society. Despite having served in various public sectors for an extended period, many people did not take note of the leadership qualities that Winston Churchill had (Wilde, 2017). Serving as a military man, he suffered several defeats, and his fellow citizens threw all blame to him. Furthermore, he had many losses in the political arena. Conservatives did not trust Churchill up to the moment when his repeated warnings against the uprising of Germany by a dictator Hitler were ignored. However, it did not deter his efforts to rise to the top as a leader as he ended up becoming the Prime Minister of England in 1940.

Visionary Leader

A leader must have the competence to envisage and have a visualization of the future. Churchill symbolized such a leader who foresaw the rise of Germany as a threat to the peace of Britain and allies (Kellerman, 2010). Churchill, as a visionary leader, admired the prowess and machinery capability of the German military. On the contrary, he felt disappointed by the rigidity of the Britain army when he was serving in the military. He argued that the Britain army was reluctant to make changes to their war machines. His ability to visualize the upcoming events helped him rise into ranks as he was appointed the Chief of the British Navy (Kellerman, 2010).

A Good Communicator

Churchill pointed out that Britain had reached a period of a greater danger that had befallen Britain since the crushing of the U-boat (Kellerman, 2010). His main concern was the rate at which the German army was rising, hence posing danger to the continent of Europe. His ability to communicate was demonstrated by the manner in which he expressed his thoughts eloquently in speeches addressed to the House of Commons. He frankly shared his thoughts with other leaders and persuaded them to work towards containing the threat posed by Germany (Kellerman, 2010).

Importance of the Qualities

The above-mentioned qualities are very significant in the contemporary world because they help in driving the aspects of an organization towards a consistent goal that will ultimately lead to an accepted outcome by all parties (May, 2017). It makes one be committed and persevere with other members of the team.

Personally, the above-mentioned three points are important to me because they act as a platform to develop the entrepreneurial skills to apply in the business world.


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March 02, 2023

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