A lesson learnt from the experience of others

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High school life is filled with fun, informative experiences and an avenue of strong friendship bonds. The most intriguing part of high school experience is what we learn from others. In my last semester in high school, three classmates, James, Jason, and Alex, found themselves in a serious disciplinary case after missing sit-in class assignment. Despite their knowledge of Mr. Bob as a strict teacher, the trio attended a music concert in the neighborhood and conspicuously skipped the test that had been announced two weeks before. It was until Mr. Bob indicated in the next class that the test would contribute to the final grading that the three mischievous friends decided to request for a make-up assessment.

The evidently furious teacher had noted the indiscipline history of the three boys and was only waiting for such an opportunity to help them redeem their reputation. Mr. Bob told them to give good reason as to why they missed the test. They unanimously brought up a made up excuses that they attended to car accident victim, with disconnected narration and the teacher realized their insincerity. Their common excuses did not add up to convince Mr. Bob that they should be offered a make-up. In a twist of circumstances, Mr. Bob devised a way to unearth their dishonesty and scheduled a test for them. The following day in the morning, each of the friends were allocated distant and separate rooms to take the test.

Lo and behold! The questions Mr. Bob set were as follows; _x0093_what was the color of the cloths of the car accident victim?_x0094_, and _x0093_what color of the car caused the accident?_x0094_ This was the height of creativity and ingenuity to confirm if the trio would give same answer. The result showed inconsistency in their answers and they had to admit that they lied. Mr. Bob was merciful enough to counsel them on the price of dishonesty.

They were offered a make-up test later that evening on condition that they will change their ways. The whole class learnt that every vice has its fortieth day. I will never forget the fascinating nature of that case but above all, I learnt that honesty and discipline are the best policy a student should possess.

October 25, 2022
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