A new breed of super-molecule

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A modern breed of super-molecule is a groundbreaking and environmentally safe solution for monitoring and removing toxic pharmaceuticals from water. The concept was born when the University of Surrey recognized how water pollution is a major problem for environmental scientists all over the world. Toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, or mercury, which were formerly used in paints, were discovered as primary contaminants; other chemicals discovered included pesticides and herbicides, as well as hormones from the contraceptive pill. Notably, certain types of toxins have been discovered to be a threat to humanity by endangering valuable biodiversity in the ecosystem. Agreeably, developing a microbe with capabilities of solving this problem is a very essential in the field of environmental science and the world as a whole.

The idea behind this research is detecting and removing pollutants entering or already in the water, and these contaminants can easily penetrate into the aquatic environment as the consumers are applying them. The contaminants do get into environment easily through discharge by the manufacturers or basically through excretion as metabolites.

The research encounters major conflict in providing a solution to the problem. This is because Big Pharmaceutical industry won't be willing to produce drugs that will lose its properties after the consumption since it would be a major blow to their turnover due to the decreased efficiency of the product. Nevertheless, consumers won't be willing to compromise their health by reducing the medicine intake. A solution that will balance the two and deliver safe drinking water had to be developed, therefore giving rise to the idea of a molecule that will ensure safe drinking water at the same time ensuring that the Pharmaceuticals industry continues to perform as it is.

The research has come up with a new type of molecule "A super molecule" calyx [4]. Calyx [4] actively seeks certain pharmaceuticals and eradicates them from the water. Professor Danil de Namor, the leader of the research identified that the preliminary extraction data are encouraging as far as the receptors for the selective removal of the contaminants is concerned (Science Daily np). This revelation is indicating the possibility of constructing calyx [4] based sensing devices.

The research of developing calyx [4] devices will promote the program in designing the receptors that will bind the contaminants in water thus removing them actually. The research will assist in identifying the actual contaminants in the water, testing these devices in industrial water supplies will give rise to a new revolution of cleaner and safe water for all consumers. Nonetheless, from the preliminary reports provided this research will create full new possibilities of using the materials for on-site water monitoring without transporting the samples to the laboratory. Evidently, a report by University of Surrey co-investigator Dr. Brendan Howlin who had said that the research had allowed the team to visualize on a specific receptor drug interactions leading to the selective behavior of the microbe

This research is promising a future of drinking water from natural sources of again without a worry of health complications, and it will also reduce the fear of losing important features of our eco-system such as fish and bees. Also, development of this much discussed "super-molecule" allows pharmaceutical industries as well as agricultural firms to continue with their actives without the fear of compromising the quality of the product given to the end user. Despite this, the development of calyx [4] shows a promising future since molecular simulation is a powerful technique for scientists that is applicable in a wide range of fields, opening new possibilities for new studies. In conclusion, calyx [4] sensing devices research is a promise to a safe aquatic environment and at the same time serving as a call to all parties involved in safer environmental practices.

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January 05, 2023

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