A Reassessment treatment plan

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After the initial examination was over, this gave a start to building a foundation for the therapeutic process. Additionally, this is the beginning of establishing a business connection with the client. The ACA states that counselors are in charge of the proper administration, scoring, interpretation, and use of assessment tools pertinent to the client's requirements (ACA, 2014). Following completion of the assessment, the counselor can formulate a treatment strategy based on the requirements of the client. Both the client and the counselor will be better able to comprehend the client's requirements and the diagnosis. Due to Eliza's surveys not providing as much information as they should have, this transitional phase of treatment is crucial. As the counselor I would incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy. Her behavior seems to have continued being worrying since she was found lying after alcoholics and therefore there is need for a close monitoring and supervision of her life so that she does not exceed her limits.

There are many ways in which she can be changed. The legal one is taking her under some rehabilitation process and enrolling her in activities that will occupy her for longer hours. Eliza is a college student and she is very young and naïve about the world. As her counselor I can incorporate life skills in to her treatment for the depression. Eliza can be taught new coping skills to deal with the stress, anxiety, and depression. There is need to adjust this mandatory patient clinics so that it becomes appealing. According to the article it states that CBT approach is likely to be most effective for teens struggling with issues related to distorted thinking who have the interest and cognitive ability to make connections between what they think and how they act. (Rudlin, 2017)

Incorporate of motivational interviewing approaches is appropriate as it can work collectively with cognitive behavioral therapy. The article clearly states without arousing resistance to the goal itself, as ideas for doing so are generally presented in a non-directive manner and framed as ‘‘suggestions’’ rather than as ‘‘assignments (Brody, 2009). The reason why I choose this particular theory is due to all individuals can benefit from learning new healthy behaviors thus acknowledging and stopping bad behavior. I also chose this approach because Eliza is still learning about the real world and things can become complicated thus overwhelming. Eliza is in college and overnight had to become responsible for the things she once did not have to worry about. She has allowed her emotions and surroundings to make her overwhelmed and it has triggered stress and depression.

Eliza has avoided places and people in order to not have the anxiety she experiences on these outings. Another aspect of her life that ties in to the stress that she is experiencing stems from her parents as well. In this process the counselor can incorporate her parents to have a family therapy session. This part can be incorporated after establishing a relationship and the treatment process has already begun.

During the sessions the counselor can ask questions regarding substance abuse, alcohol, and the existing mental disorder depression. As a counselor you are cognoscenti that teens experiment with illicit drugs and majority develop an addiction in this age in life. The counselor can incorporate a sponsor and activities to refrain from engaging in substance use. The counselor can help Eliza acknowledge those individuals who are triggers and/or do not have her best interest at heart. The counselor has to help her acknowledge that she has to move forward without those who still engage in negative behaviors. On a legal aspect as a counselor you have to be protective of the client and the things they disclose. Also if the counselor incorporates the family in to the treatment Eliza has to agree with this part of the process. The counselor must ensure the information shared by Eliza is not disclosed to her parent for confidentiality thus ethical purposes.

I believe Eliza can benefit from weekly sessions that may possible go to every other week and/or once a month. During this process of treatment the counselor can implement the parents whenever Eliza feels comfortable to do so. I believe this is very beneficial to getting conflicts and unresolved issues Lastly, Eliza can utilize the tool and skills provided during the treatment to learn to cope thus adapt to her surroundings. The way Eliza behaves seems to be experiencing some fight with a low past and therefore there is need to enroll her in an environment that will help her erase those bad memories. The current treatment method is not working since there are no major improvements registered so far. Thus an overhaul in her rehabilitation and treatment is necessary lest she sink to rottenness of life.

Presently the client is still exhibiting a reliance on alcohol to cope with the nervousness, anxiety, and depression. The client seems to have progressed in usage of alcohol to the point of unconsciousness. The client Eliza has been directed to participate in mandatory evaluation due to an incident that took place inside of her dorm room. The client had been found passed out by another resident that was concerned because Eliza was alone and intoxicated. The client has been under a treatment plan that consists of attending individual and group sessions twice a month. The client will continue to participate in cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing by the counselor to help with her depression and alcohol use.


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April 13, 2023

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