Significance of Cosmetic Surgery Seekers Sourcing for Counselling First

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Professional doctors perform cosmetic surgery, a type of plastic surgery that is performed on the upper integument. It is done to assist in the correction of the body's dysfunctional areas. It has advanced further to the point where people with low self-esteem and those who may have gone through a divorce now willingly participate in it. The upper stratum of the epidermis is treated during cosmetic surgery. There are many debates about the legitimacy or justification of people using the service because the trend has been on the increase recently. Socialites and elite fraternities were the groups of people who had access to the process but the bourgeoisie and low class have had the opportunity to get the service because it is affordable and ubiquitous in the immediate environment (이인순). The various aspects of cosmetic surgery are going to be revisited and then conclusions drawn as to whether there should be counseling is pivotal just before seeking the cosmetic surgery.

Challenges of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has had the better share of the challenges in its execution. Despite the few benefits that accrue out of the employment of the practice, many complications have been experienced by various people who turned victims of the process. The complications that cropped up have left them regretting having embraced the practice as a way of allaying the stigma they had or the greed to be like the whites. There are those who seek for the service in order to change their appearance after breaking away from their partners. The mothers who deliver developed “unnecessary” sagging skin which they feel should be eliminated or lifted. The same applies similarly to some women who go for breast and face lifting as a way of remaining young and enticing. Others just request for cosmetic surgery out of sheer adventure in order to test the waters and evaluate the degree of appeal that has and the impact that may impose on the body. The bottom line fact is that a zillion tissues of negative issues have emerged out of the practice. There seems to be more harm than good in the event one uses cosmetic surgery (Niamtu, Joe).

Scarring from Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is scary due to the scarring process. Hematomas have become a common complication that has been witnessed in individuals who underwent cosmetic surgery. This is majorly realized in people who undergo face-lifting and breast augmentation. The process had been taken to be the one to confer beauty but it has turned a beast that is bearing on the health of its partakers. A hematoma is a medical condition whereby pockets of blood accumulate in form of huge and painful bruises. The mitigation measure of the condition calls for additional surgeries in a bid to rid of the blood ("2015 American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery Annual Meeting Abstracts, Part 1"). This will be an extra cost for the procedure and that may subject the patient more gross harm to the body that may further worsen leading to complex situations.

Nerve Damage and Sensitivity Issues

Damage to nerves is another undoing for one undergoing cosmetic surgery. The nerve ends that allow for the communications of such conditions such as pressure and temperature occur in the skin. The chances are higher that the nerves are going to be harmed in the medical procedure. The repercussion of the nerves getting spoilt is the symptoms of numbness and tingling. This is because cell to cell communication from the skin to the brain centers is hampered by the break that exists between the source of stimulus and the point of feedback mechanism. Most of the ladies of practice breast augmentation lose nipple sensation as a result of the practice and that culminate in a problem in sensitivity (Patel, Anup et al.). This dysfunction results in a host of demerits that render them helpless in some situations especially when the child hurt her tits. The bites that cause injury to the mother may serve as sources of secondary infection and result in death.


Infection is the most prevalent symptom that has transpired in most of the individuals that have undergone cosmetic surgery despite the postoperative measures that have been put in place. This may have occurred deliberately or unintentionally in the line of duty. Cellulitis is the common case that has been recorded on many occasions. This is a skin infection that is experienced by the majority of the people who opt to undergo cosmetic surgery. Some infections occur deep within the integument and hence calling for intravenous antibiotics to arrest the situation.

Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis

The pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis are the conditions that have emerged from the individuals who practice cosmetic surgery. Deep Vein Thrombosis enshrines the condition of blood clotting deep in the veins, especially in the lower limbs. The blood clots are a rich hazard to the normal blood flow and hence the entire body systems since each and part of the body needs blood for nourishment and heat provision as well as oxygen supply (HEYES, CRESSIDA J). This results in the death of cells due to the deprivation of oxygen conveyed through blood. When the blood clots disintegrate and then taken to the lungs, they exacerbate a condition termed as Pulmonary Embolism. Despite the condition being rare, the condition is fatal.


Scarring is one of the most prominent negative outcomes of cosmetic surgery since the process is executed so that one’s outlook can be improved. The scars that result from the process are ever disturbing to the individual and such aspects deny the partaker of the peace of mind. This pricks his or her inflated ego and hence lowering the self-esteem of the person in question. The condition such as hypertrophic scarring occurs on the surface of the skin where it is manifested as abnormally thick and raised scars. They occur after the breast augmentation has been done to individuals in the majority of the cases. This disfigures and distorts the graceful look of one’s natural body texture and stature (Grunebaum, Lisa Danielle et al.).


Seroma is the condition that is exacerbated by the cosmetic surgery being done on an individual. This is the accumulation of the serum of the human blood under the skin surface. This culminates in painful swelling of the skin surfaces which deprives one of comfort and peace to work normally. This condition is experienced by most people who embrace tummy tuck in the practice of cosmetic surgery. The seroma is eradicated by draining them with a needle in order to avoid infection but that subjects the partakers to eternal psychological and physical trauma. The higher chances of them recurring spell out hell to those undertaking cosmetic surgery as they are doomed to experience the debilitating and appalling condition for the better part of their life.

Organ Damage

The damage to the organs is the most anticipated repercussion for taking cosmetic surgery. The skin is the largest respiratory and excretory organ the damage of the same is the surest indicator of impending danger. The skin helps in getting rid of toxic metabolic products to the environment through the sweat that makes its way to the atmosphere through the pores that are on the skin. Conducting liposuction causes gross trauma to the internal organs. Perforation of viscera organs occurs when the probe needle intercepts the internal organs and that can result in deadly harm to the general functioning of the body. Additional surgeries are paramount so that the injuries can be addressed. This causes double trouble since one incurs an extra buck to restore his or her health and the injuries inflicted may be fatal especially when it involves the nerves. This is because nerves are irreparable and hence damage of one results in permanent damage of the respective neural function in the individual.

Anesthesia Complications

Complications that emanate from the use of anesthesia have been a ubiquitous problem that has been reported by individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery. This is because they partakers of the practice have to have anesthesia used on them so that they do not feel the pangs and pains that come with the cosmetic surgery. The general anesthesia application is bound to cause varied complications in the body due to the abuse of the same. These include stroke, heart attack, infection of the lungs, and even death. It may result in one waking up disoriented, confused, and shivering. This interferes with the normal functioning of the body systems and hence incapacitating one in one way or another.

Blood Loss

Extreme blood loss from the body of the cosmetic surgery adherents is detrimental to their health. This is because blood is the driver of virtually all the body processes in the human body. Blood is charged with many functions that are pivotal to the life of man. Blood transports oxygen to the respiring organs which need a lot of energy such as the brain. Any slight failure of the blood to the brain results in the death of brain cells and ultimate death. The same blood translocates manufactured food to the respiring cells which, in turn, help run the various body processes courtesy of the blood present. The blood acts as a shuttle that provides heat and food to all parts of the body. Excess loss of blood may cause anemia which may result in body weakness and death in extreme cases. One needs to be on a diet in order to replenish the lost blood and this raises the cost of undertaking the process. Cosmetic surgery is taken to be a health hazard since it has more harm than good. The individuals who undertake breast augmentation may experience contouring or asymmetric problems as a result of the surgical procedures.

Unsatisfactory Results

There is a general dissatisfaction with the appearance even after one has undertaken cosmetic surgery. This is because they never get to come to terms with their current status by not divorcing their former selves. They always get mentally stuck in their former bodies. This turns them into selves of themselves due to their mental shackles that are demystified by the fact that they cannot accept their current conditions.

Mental and Emotional Trauma

The trauma that results when the patient does not undergo a successful cosmetic surgery is colossal. This causes a lot of anxiety and depression on the side of the client. The client gets angry at the failure and then blames him/her for the failure. This causes a lot of misunderstandings between the parties and sometimes it boils down to a lawsuit here the client alleges that the surgeon failed in his/her mandate to execute his duties efficiently and adequately. The legal suits get to discourage the surgeons from conducting the procedures for fearing the unknown. The cosmetic surgery business then because an affair of the fortunate few who can afford to financially support the procedures. The depth of the coffers that are available to undertake the practices determines the viability of the business. Some studies undertaken by psychologists have attached a number of suicide cases to cosmetic surgery. This is because the partakers of the process had higher expectations of them transforming their outlook by embracing the surgery but only to get a rude shock of their life. The devastating level of respect for themselves becomes the recipe for disaster since they feel rejected and dejected ("Selected Abstracts World Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery First Annual Meeting Split September 9–12, 2010"). They consider themselves odd ones out until they feel compelled themselves compelled to take their lives since they feel like social misfits. The fact that they feel spiritually low stems out of the need for recognition and appreciation.

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