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The literature we studied last week provided me with an understanding of the meaning of themes in the transmission of literary messages. However, I am also having difficulty deciding the meanings that the writers intend to express. The majority of the poems are arranged in such a way that the intended meaning is hidden. As a result, the reader is forced to read the stanzas carefully and to create a rhythm in the poetry.

Even, one of the things that surprised me about the literature was the writers' willingness to create storylines based on real-life events. The incidents represent truths that are part of society. For instance, “Sweetness and Light” by Mathew Arnold is a clever argument on the different manifestations of culture in the society. The correlation between culture and knowledge provides the next element of surprise in the analysis of the texts. Such ability enables the audience to relate with the themes that are reflected in the literature.

There is a significant difference between the “The Importance of Being Ernest” by Oscar Wilde and the texts we read last week. To begin with, the plot was grounded on more than one main characters at a time. Unlike the other texts where the characters are defined from the beginning, the comic play revolves around Ernest and Jack who are at one point different and the same. The confusion that results from its structure has the potential to impede the delivery of the message. The text is also a deviation from the past literature because its conclusion is directly structured to emphasize the premises of its titles. The deception and tribulations thereafter enable Ernest to realize the importance of being Ernest.

November 03, 2022

Literature Sociology

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