A sample request intake procedure and incident and problem process

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A sample request intake procedure, as well as an incident and problem resolution process

A user may submit a request, which may be an incident (resetting a directory password) or a service request (upgrading a laptop). The technique consists of the following steps:

Seek fulfillment assistance to maintain tools and procedures.

Login and classification are used to record and categorize service requests.

Request model execution to complete a request within the time frame specified.

Monitoring and escalation for process monitoring.

Identification of the incident. While reporting to the service desk, the impacted user may identify a problem or an event.

Incident login. Incidents are then logged with all the relevant details which include description, date, time and user information.

Incident investigation. In order to determine the best correction course the above steps takes place immediately.

Incident resolution. The solution is then implemented followed by testing to confirm delivery of service.

Incident closure. The incident is finally closed after a confirmation that the incident has been resolved and there is satisfaction from the end user.

Self-service support and multi channels enable requests to be captured automatically. These requests will then be prioritized according to their service level agreements which will then be automatically routed to their resolution group. In order to minimize and also prevent service disruptions in the future, there will be investigation of causes of incidents using the periodic service configuration.

The process would be introduced to users in the organization through training. This would be by setting up regular meetings, scheduling internal workshops and establishing internal user groups.

The features of Service Now that I would use by default to introduce my problem would be the ITSM Guided Setup. This setup consists of easy steps that help in navigation through the configuration.

The feature that I would customize would be the Service Catalogue. This would ensure that an item cannot be removed before placing an order. Implementing the processes within service now may take a few months. The difficulties in implementation will be having a strong supporting cast that will understand and also agree with the strategies put in place.

June 12, 2023

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