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I have never wanted somebody to describe my dreams to me since I was a child. Because being in a challenging setting served as a constant reminder that I needed to improve, I have never wanted someone to explain things to me. I wanted to live in a better area and support my parents and my friends. In addition, I've always aspired to help people and raise their standard of living. Importantly, my drive has always come from my desire and determination to realize my ambitions. Due to my challenging upbringing, education is still my sole means of achieving my goals. Education is a worthy platform because it offers an environment to gain knowledge of academics, people and the whole world as a whole.

Short Term Career Goal

My short term career goal has been to get a good job, offer my services, and to grow professionally. I believe that companies do not just hire people, but they are more interested in their services. Therefore, getting a job acts as a platform to showcase my skills in a professional environment as I seek to widen my interpersonal skills and depth of experience. As a result, an opportunity in a professional environment will help me to achieve maximum productivity. Also, achieving the productivity will not only be resourceful to the company but also help me to achieve a collective growth in my professional journey. In this case, I seek to pursue a career in human resource management.

Long Term Career Goal

Many people associate growth and success to branching and starting your own business or farm. Branching has been my long term career goal. After gaining a lot of experiences in a professional field, it is always necessary for one to put that experience into practice by starting their own business or consultancy farm. Therefore, after getting a job as a human resource manager, I intend to branch out and start my own business. I believe that branching out will come with its risks, but I will use my acquired expertise in human resource management to turn them into opportunities.

Why Human Resource Management?

I aspire to become a human resource manager because it entails managing people. Human resource management is central to the success of every company as it ensures the ideal skills are hired and well nurtured. Moreover, it is the role of a human resource manager to ensure that employees are well motivated to become better assets of the company. Notably, a human resource manager evaluates ways in which a company can develop the knowledge and skills of its employees. Hence, human resource management focuses on helping the company and people in it to achieve their dreams. In consideration of the above fact, human resource management will be an outstanding career to help me to achieve my dreams.

Understanding Organizational Structures

Further, human resource management helps the company to exploit minimum workforce and make it as productive as possible. The human resource managers are supposed to carry out social research to discover immerging issues in the world and to evaluate the organizational structure. Therefore, human resource management will help me to understand the complexity of organizational structures. Moreover, it will help me to know how to create a flexible and team-oriented management structure.

Working in a Company

In light of this, after completing my studies, I would like to be a human resource manager for a company that exploits my hard working and inquisitive skills. I would like to be absorbed in a company that will help to learn as well as challenges me to be productive. I believe that a company is as good as its employees. Henceforward, I would like to be part of a company that has an excellent human resource to develop my skills. The experience from the company will help me to have the amplitude to achieve my dreams.

Running My Own Business

However, working for a company will be chasing another person's dream. Therefore, in future, I intend to run my business enterprises and a consultancy firm. My consultancy farm will be crafted as a result of concepts gained in school and the professional world. Further, the consultancy company will offer professional services for other people to achieve their dreams. Also, my business enterprises will exploit organization structure concepts I learned as a human resource manager to ensure maximum profitability. In a nutshell, my company will be as a result of my professional background, a well-coordinated research, and a well-motivated human resource.

Financial Struggles and Helping Others

My entire life has been a financial strain. My parents have always struggled financially, and they could barely make it put me through school and provide for my basic needs. Financial struggle is also the case for most people living in my neighborhood. Over the years, I have become increasingly interested in changing the narrative for my parent as well as other people. In this case, liberating my parents from their financial struggles will be a lifetime achievement. Also, I know that there are many people stuck in their quest to achieve their dreams. These people are crying for an opportunity or stepping stone to reach their goals. Therefore, my business ventures plus my professional background will help me to use minimum resources to help as many people as possible.

Building the Foundation

Furthermore, I am not sitting back and waiting for my dreams to be handed on a silver platter. I have started building an essential foundation for my future by working as a cashier for Publix Grocery. In my line of duty, I have always strived to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, working as a cashier is aiding in polishing my customer service skills for use in the future. I believe the skills I am learning from the grocery store are one step towards a career in human resource management and business.

Commitment to Studies

Nonetheless, I believe that my dreams will not turn to reality if I do not put extra effort into my school work. Therefore, given an opportunity to study for human resource management, I will remain committed to achieving my dreams and put in extra effort in my studies. To have a successful academic life, I will bring on board other social skills and strengths I have earned as a cashier. An investment in me will not only be a personal opportunity but also a venture in the society. It will be an opening for others because I will reciprocate the investment by providing more opportunities. Importantly, a scholarship will offer relief to my parents and give me more time to focus on academics. It will be a major bridge in the roads towards my dreams.

March 02, 2023

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