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For those who have never made a speech before, being asked to do so may be terrifying. However, if the speaker has well-planned the speech and has something worthwhile to say to the crowd, presenting the message becomes a simple process. Importantly, any oral presentation is just as good as the person who delivers it. As a result, speakers should improve their vocabulary to make it more accurate, precise, and suitable for eliciting a positive response from the audience.

I believe the speaker exemplifies the successful delivery of this speech for the following reasons. To begin, the lecturer employs tonal variation in this delivery. She also uses gestures, and when you look at her, the body language tells you that she is confident. The confidence can be seen by how the speaker is standing. She is standing in an upright position, and she does not seem to fidget when delivering the lecture. Moreover, the speaker makes direct contact with the audience and interestingly makes her presentation. Finally, she demonstrates full knowledge of her speech.

A Speech in Which the Speaker Uses Poor Delivery Skills


In this speech, I feel the speaker uses bad delivery skills because of the following reasons. First, the lecturer is inaudible as he is just mumbling words and this makes it hard for the audience to get whatever he is saying. The pronunciation of words is also not precise. Additionally, the speaker is not enthusiastic because throughout the entire presentation he does not seem to demonstrate a strong positive feeling about the topic. He does not hold the attention of the audience by the use of direct eye contact. Furthermore, the body language of the speaker shows that he is not confident. For instance, his hands are in the pockets throughout the entire presentation. Finally, the speaker does not demonstrate full knowledge of the speech.

November 03, 2022



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