A Strategic Analysis of Ubereats

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Ubereats is a Company that provides a platform to place orders using the internet for meals and getting them delivered appropriately and efficiently. The Company was founded in San Francisco. Uber Technologies launched it in the year 2014. It has considered partnering with various cities worldwide to increase its scope. For the business to effectively introduce this new Company on the Irish market, we are going to critically analyze the industry situation in Ireland using tools such as PESTLE and SWOT. The devices will help us to launch the Company appropriately.

                                                         PESTLE analysis

 PESTLE is a strategic framework that focuses on the external influences to the business. It classifies the external environment into political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental aspects (Kim et al. 2014, p.268).

Political situation

Ireland is a fully democratic state being stable in its legislation regarding the government and judicial policies. The country has embraced various political reforms such as restructuring banking sector in pursuit of macroeconomic stability and competitiveness. The above measures provide a favourable environment for the Ubereats to thrive.

 Economic state

The land is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and it has reduced corporate tax, proper control of public finance, protection of property rights, enhanced open trade as well as maintaining the debt to acceptable levels. All the above aspects promote business activities within the region. The result of such efforts has sustained an increase in the growth of the country's GDP. Therefore, Ireland provides a very strategic platform for the success of Ubereats.

Sociological view

The state is predominantly Roman Catholic with a section being protestants. Despite this cultural rift, there has been a lot of peaceful co-existence between the two religions. The harmonious nature of the citizens signifies promising returns to the new Company.


 It is an ICT centre due to its efforts to improving its technology continuously in the industry. With an up to date methods of production, the firm has an assurance of success in the new state. Ubereats being a techno-running firm, it will be able to operate with ease.

Legal environment

 Ireland's national regulations promote trade. Policies are formed to entice entrepreneurs to invest. Such plans include the low rate of corporate tax. Reduced tax acts as an incentive to venture into a particular business. Also, there are minimal procedures and bureaucracies needed to enter the market. These systems ensure that anybody wishing to venture in the industry are encouraged to do so. Lastly, the legislation enacted by the state are pro-business and entrepreneur friendly. The above policies provide our new firm with the impetus to survive.

                                                      SWOT Analysis.


 Ubereats is a well-recognised brand. The worldwide recognition will increase the product's awareness in the new market. The Company is also known for delivery of high standard services, an extensive fleet of vehicles, low operational costs, very minimal competition, highly valued, convenient to drivers as well as reduced prices compared to traditional taxi services (Kim et al. 2014, p.263).


A closer examination of the firm reveals some weaknesses as outlined below; other unscrupulous traders can easily imitate the products and offers no bonding between the customers and the Company, thus leading to low customer retention ability.  Lastly, whereas payment to drivers is dismal, there are very high costs of operating such vehicles.


Opportunities for the entity include dissatisfaction of customers by traditional cab Companies, a possibility of exploiting new and huge markets, the possibility of increasing its valuation and an option of using cheaper electric cars.


Finally, there are various threats to the Company's operations which must be critically monitored to enhance the appropriate action. Dissatisfied employees may publicize the Company negatively, possibilities of the state enacting new legislation which might probably ban the operations of Uber and emerging competition. For instance, self- driving cars, fraud and scandals from new drivers are some of the threatening issues.

After critically analyzing the business environment as above, the last step will entail actual launch of the product on the new market.

                                           The process of launching the product on the new market

The process will involve seven crucial steps. To begin with, it will undertake communications with various stakeholders such as media and other industry influencers two months before the official launch. This action will be followed by engaging brand popular bloggers and high profile customers through sending them free samples of the products and services. Afterwards, there will be a development of social media platforms to establish the target market (Liu 2017). The actual launch is initiated through planning of an event to announce the launch with pomp officially and unveiling the unique brand marketing material appealing to potential customers. The presentations will be readily understood by prospective buyers. Lastly, we will use channels for customer engagements as appropriate as possible.


The strength of our survey of both internal and external environment determines the success of our Company in the new market. A combination of the survey and efficient launching will result in the success of our Company. Consequently, Ubereats will penetrate the Irish market within a short period and capture the customers since it will provide an alternative to more unsatisfied customers.


Kim, N., Min, S. and Chaiy, S. 2014. Why Do Firms Enter a New Product Market? A Two     Dimensional Framework for Market Entry Motivation and Behavior. Journal of Product           Innovation Management, 32(2), pp.263-278.

Liu, Y. 2017. The effects of competitors on new product launch and market expansion in the   hybrid car market. Empirical Economics.

September 18, 2023

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