A Theater Experience Review

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Experiences in the theater can be breathtaking. Here I talk about my experience watching "The Wonder Woman," a 2017 American science fiction action picture, at "The Theatre at Ace Hotel," which is located at 933 South Broadway in Los Angeles, California.

In general, the theater's sounds and aroma created a welcoming ambiance that made it feel cozy and unhurried. A balance between the sound of the movie and the murmurs and laughing of the crowd was achieved with the help of appropriate sound system setup procedures, including a comfortable peak sound pressure level. Everything sounded expert but sufficiently lively. The theater assumed the smells of a combination of different perfumes and body fragrance of different audiences, creating a generally good smell that matched the overall ambience.


A large audience at the theater become important considering the various commentaries and both positive criticism that they give about the film. This adds more insights into the film, apart from the fact that the audience provide a friendly company.


There were no distractions. The film sound was loud enough to keep the criticizing and reacting voices of the audience in the background. This allowed me to fully follow the film’s narrative. Additionally, the screen was conveniently elevated to avoid distractions when someone crossed.

Difference in Theater Experience

The theater experience allowed me to meet new people with whom I shared the experiences of the film including both positive and negative criticism. Additionally, the experience allowed me to discuss, with new acquaintances, some of the important areas that I did not understand well. This allowed me to connect the main tenets of the film with the supporting narrative. As such, I prefer the theater experience, because I believe that sharing constructive criticism with the audience gives critical understanding of the film. Besides, the theater experience is a good way to socialize and get to understand other people’s perceptions on theater experiences.

Film Genre

“Wonder Woman” is a 2017 science-fiction superhero film. The theater adds to this experience through various ways. For instance, the sound systems accentuate the intensity of the action in the film, emphasizing on the action nature of the film. Additionally, the customized lighting in the theater resonates well with that of the film, complementing the visuals of the movie.

I would classify this film as a typical Hollywood film because it has the characteristic fictional representation of human beings that has informed many other Hollywood films (Murrell, 2011). Additionally, the film contains more rapid editing that allows capturing of as much action as possible and to intensify the continuity of the action in the film. Rapid editing refers to the inclusion of many fast cut, which best describes postmodern Hollywood films (Bordwell, 2002).

Film Narrative

In “Wonder Woman,” Diana is a princess that lives in a paradise island and trained as an undefeatable warrior. Her routine life is interrupted when a pilot crushed on the island and reveals to her the ongoing rage in the outer world. Determined to put a stop to the threat, Diana leaves the island to go and fight alongside the man. It is during this time that she discovers her superpowers, and ultimately becomes the wonder woman in the film.


Bordwell, D. (2002). Intensified continuity visual style in contemporary American film. FILM QUART, 55(3), 16-28.

Murrell, J. (2011). Postclassical Hollywood/postmodern subjectivity: representation in some Indie/Alternative Indiewood films (Doctoral dissertation).

April 06, 2023

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