A Thought of James Henry Gooding, An African American Soldier

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Morris Island's James Henry Gooding, an Afro-American militant, supplicates that Africans' treatment carries a disturbing encounter of prejudice, racism, and discrimination of black people in the land of white people, US. While he was serving in the military, the assistance that Gooding and other Afro-Americans provided about compensation and pay was much less than those provided to caucasian warriors of the corresponding level. The American environment conflict is unacceptable as Gooding decides to speak this issue to President Abraham Lincoln. What Morris Island admits is staggering, and I think that human individuals' rights are violated in the matter of Black soldiers in the US. The complaints of these soldiers are not taken seriously, and they may be offended for a more extended period. I do not have an experience as a soldier, but the way Goodie puts it, the work of a soldier is demanding of one’s loyalty. I can figure out how the persona, Gooding feels when describing the scenario and therefore, as a reader, I am made to lament over the prejudice that Blacks face in different positions of duties in Whiteman’s countries to date. I tend to apply the subject of the article in the daily life of people who still serve at different capacities in the foreign nations and what they go through in the course of their service. Prejudice still persists and Blacks are affected by racism ideals, though, many are helpless as they struggle to make ends meet.

The article impacts my values and beliefs because I embrace fairness, justice and I appreciate people’s diversities. Island’s case of Gooding seems that leaders of these soldiers adopt none of these values. There is no justice, fairness and instead, prejudice, dictatorship and no liberty to the black soldiers. Deaths of African sons are increasing each day in wars, and nothing is done. Therefore, I am personally moved towards empathy for these soldiers.

Work Cited

Island, M., James Henry Gooding, An African American Soldier, pleads for African treatment, Sep 28, 1863.

October 25, 2022
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