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The biggest challenge facing Airbnb

The biggest challenge facing Airbnb is not the blatant discrimination taking place on the company's website, but rather the administrative crackdown from major communities like New York. The executives at the company were facing this as their biggest obstacle. Airbnb was slow to acknowledge and address prejudice on the site for renting out homes and lofts. The Chief Executive and his like-minded key backers, all of whom are white men, did not give this matter much consideration when laying out their platforms.

Racial animosities and discrimination

The company has recently been the target of racial animosities, and the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack has become a Twitter trend. Airbnb prohibited a host in North Carolina for utilizing racial slurs, an episode that is irritating and unsatisfactory. On Airbnb, hosts can decide to whom they need to lease their home or condominium. Into counter, this test, utilizing a more differing workforce at Airbnb is basic to extinguishing discrimination on the platform.

Actions taken by Airbnb

With the assistance of social equity bunch Color of Change, drove by Rashad Robinson, Airbnb recorded various activities that it would execute in order to counter this problem. These activities incorporate not insisting on the utilization of client photographs, giving help to clients who report that they have discriminated or victimized and enlisting staff to solely concentrate on guaranteeing consideration and taking out racial discrimination from the platform. The organization additionally anticipates setting public differences objectives for its staff, which will incorporate joining forces with generally black schools and colleges for enrollment and concentrate on supplier diversity. The 32-page text drafts the organization's recent nondiscrimination strategy. Hosts and visitors would be made a request to consent to the new approach which would ask them to work with different clients paying little heed to race, religion, national cause, incapacity, sex, sex personality, sexual orientation, or age.

Customer care and dispute resolution

I volunteered in the customer care section in the organization. Most of the clients and workers were proactive. On the off chance that you appear to your rental and find that it is not what was promoted, one would decide to connect with your host to check whether the situation can be resolved somehow. In the event that it is not resolved, and you do not feel that you can proceed with your stay, you may be qualified for a discount from Airbnb. The period required by the person to contact the organization is within 24 hours from the time of registration. Take photographs to bolster your claim and make sure to utilize Airbnb's informing capacity to tell the host of the issue. These kinds of scenarios were handled professionally and the client felt relieved and cared for.

The importance of communication in an organization

I eventually learned the essence of communication in an organization. Correspondence assists directors to play out their occupations and duties. Correspondence fills in as an establishment for planning. All the important data must be imparted to the supervisors who, in turn, should convey the arrangements in order to execute them. Organizing likewise requires successful correspondence with others about their occupation errands. Thus pioneers as leaders must discuss appropriately with their subordinates in order to accomplish the group objectives. Management is unrealistic without composed and oral correspondence. Finally, the organization made me realize the power of social media and the internet. Any organization that is not utilizing the power of the internet will soon be out of business.

April 13, 2023

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