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Ann Hornaday dislikes the film and clearly does not enjoy the action, as she reveals the performance to be phony. Ann, on the other hand, believes that the acting provides the audience with a stimulating experience.

"It's possibly the closest thing to the exhilarating immediacy of live theater that audiences can receive right now at the multiplex."

Reed, Rex

Reed appears dissatisfied with the film and believes that the director should have done a better job shooting a technical icon.

"... a far better film and a far more insightful look at the guy behind the enigma than anything in Danny Boyle's badly filmed fabricated nonsense and pretentiously written by Aaron Sorkin. “

Benjamin Lee

Indeed Benjamin Lee thinks Steve Jobs to be one of the best films that Danny Boyle ever directed. He contends that trough the actors, the director emphasizes on the importance of everything in a techno world (Lee, 2015).

“…film constantly informing you of just how incredibly important everything all is, it’s disappointingly difficult to truly care about what’s taking place.”

Anthony Lane

Lane seems to have enjoyed the acting because the directors and the script reflects on Jobs to be a technology icon and one can even feel his presence in the movie.

“….as if the ghost of Jobs, who died in 2011, were buffing the edges of the work that bears his name.”


Jobs seems to be disgruntled by the fact of his being adopted as a child and harbours bitter feelings, since he considers himself to have been rejected. Ann Hornaday observes that Steve directs the same anger to his daughter Lisa (Hornaday, 2015).

Steve creations are not warm and pleasant, since they tend to create barriers between people. Rex Reed further adds that actually, Steve was married with three kids but in the movie, he is depicted as a man who runs away from his responsibilities (2015).

Lee further asserts that the movie highlights the careless behaviour of Steve Jobs towards his estranged wife and five-year-old daughter (2015). For instance, on several occasions, Jobs’ daughter appears during launches claiming she is on welfare while Steve is worth more than for hundred million dollars (Lane, 2015).


To conclude, Steve Jobs film is evidently a drama filmed with the aim of projecting Steve Jobs to be an ego genius and who never values anyone from his team. Reed feels the movie to make people who look up to Steve as their role model be disappointed. Steve is however revealed to be gentle especially when he receives a rebuke from Joanna on his treatment towards Lisa and Chrisann.


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