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Cemeteries are areas that have been consecrated or otherwise designated for the burial of the dead. Cemeteries have been utilized for the disposal of bodies since ancient Greece. Religion has also taken center stage, with cemeteries regarded as hallowed ground in both Christianity and Islam. As a result, everyone seeking for a cemetery should consider their religion, as cemeteries may be governed by religious or civic authority (Bonnie, 2014). Cemeteries can also be selected based on geographical location, emotive value, and the wishes of the deceased. Military cemeteries are frequently created for fallen soldiers. These cemeteries are also used to bury servicemen who have been discharged. Families may also establish private cemeteries which are used exclusively for the purposes of fallen family members.

Headstones and flowers

Headstone design depends on a range of factors. In Christianity, it may be in the sign of a cross, or have a cross as part of its design. The age of the deceased may also mean that the headstone will be small or big depending on the information they themselves wish to be inscribed, or what their loved ones want to have on the headstone. The financial ability of those concerned also determines the appearance of the headstone. Muslims normally do not have headstones on their graves. Upon death, the graves may be adorned and marked with different types of flowers. This depends on availability, their chances of survival, and the budget, as well as their beauty (Scott, 2008). These include roses, carnations, Peruvian lilies, aster, among others. Jewish an Islamic traditions bar flowers on graves.

Burial and cremation

In many culture, the deceased may be buried, or be cremated. After being cremated, the ashes may then be scattered at a place of their choice (Kristina, 2007). They may also have the urn containing their ashes displayed somewhere, or be interred as a normal corpse would.


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April 26, 2023

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