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Adam Davidson's Perspective: Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Conflict Theory

Adam Davidson does a good job of presenting the functionalist viewpoint in his post as he attempts to explain how the many societal components interact to bring about stability in society. He points out that everyone has an equal chance of success if they take initiative and make good use of the tools at their disposal. According to symbolic interactionism, people's behaviors are a culmination of their experiences and internalized worldviews. According to Adam Davidson, wealthy individuals cherish investments and work hard to advance society. Since he exposes that both social strata in society struggle for the resources available, with the exception of the wealthy, Adam Davidson's work also represents the conflict perspective. Intersectionality however, tends to separate the different social classes since the rich tend to place themselves on a higher pedestal than the poor people.

Class and Success: The Influence of Wealth

Part 2

Class does indeed influence the chance that someone has of achieving success. For instance, the wealthy businesses have access to better schooling; mentoring and they also have enough resources to harness their talent. The Functionalist perceptive shows how the society can create a balance to ensure that resources are equitable to all. In a functionalist state like America for instance, poor people can also get an appropriate education and also get a good job. The symbolic interaction perspective indicates that people are likely to follow what they have studied over time and what they perceive to be true. In this case, people from affluent homes go after prosperity which is reflected in their attitudes and actions. People from the upper side indeed have an advantage of obtaining success because they influence their minds and are proactive. The poor population has been used to looking up to the formal systems to survive and this makes them dependent hence less creative on getting better and stable.

March 23, 2023

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