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Ethics are the moral standards that govern one's behavior. They help while conducting an activity. As a management consultant, for the company to prosper then high ethical values are required. Corporations have ethics and compliance policies which are signed annually and not implemented. Below are the guidelines from which the company should uphold to provoke unethical issues. Several traits predict ethical behavior at work; this ranges from the customer oriented whereby the employee’s value the customers a lot. It is the responsibility of a company to cultivate a culture that discourages shortcuts. One must be in a position to know the state of the company. This prevents losses and threats to the company. It deals with corporate governance which has mechanisms that promote functional relationship among the stakeholders. Values are brought by which helps the company achieve its goals. Personally, trust and openness are one of the most critical elements in success. Good mutual friendship should be created between the employees and the management. Ethical governance leads to doing what is morally right (Tulder, Dijke, Giessner 2014)

The strategic map is a visual framework for the organization's objectives within the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard while the stable scorecard enables a team to understand and track how it creates value by measuring performance from finance, customer, internal business and learning, and growth. Lack of ethical can lead to a company acquiring significant losses. I am going to talk about how this helps in running a business and maximizing the resources available and make profits.

What are the ethical and governance implications of senior managers taking bribes?

As the management consultant from the GGRS company the case of which some whistleblowers are reporting the incidence of senior managers taking a bribe from a supplier from which the company has been awarding large contracts for many years. To handle it from an ethical governance approach as the basis of our business the advice is genuine. Ethics is the process of doing what is right. Therefore, the three managers lack some ethical values. The senior managers require the moral values. The company, thus, has not introduced the noble traits among the managers (Sebhatu, Enquist 2014)


This is a value that is important as it shows being reliable and careful. The senior managers from PepsiCo. Shows lack this value. Whereby this leads to criminal issues like corruption. The companies should encourage this value to avoid the antisocial behavior from which it may lead to losses. They have identified lack of moral attentiveness. This amount helps one to see ethical issues beyond the reasonable doubt. They can handle topics more ethically as they oversee what other employees can’t see leading to good governance rather than take bribes.

The managers have implied pressure from taking the bribes. This might be the urge to take the company to another level first. Due to this demand, the ethical [people fall to the employees fast hence leading to the withdrawal of the moral values. PEPSICO has not cultivated the culture of corner cutting. The three managers did the shortcut by awarding the contract to the supplier from which they have been allocating.

Who does the company promote as this is a big bung to some employees?

Some employees feel that their working hard can’t let them get big jobs and enough salary. This leads them to bribery and lack of moral support in the company. This comes to the employee’s mind that the rules are to be Brocken. PepsiCo should take the initiative to educate the managers and implement issues which shows that for you to get a higher rank, then one should work hard rather than just bribing to arrive at the top. This will instill the other employees to work hard and discourage the issue of bribery. They will feel to have equal opportunities. The managers will think that everyone has the right to get the contract without corruption as much as he or she qualifies.

Stakeholders should show an example to the managers. They should know how to handle issues in the company and be able to careful choices to take the company to gain profits rather than losses. Are possibilities of conflicting goals in the PepsiCo due to the taking bribe of the three company senior managers. This contradictory of the goals frequently brings about unfairness in the company. This sense of injustice drawn leads to the ideology of compromise. Research on the which was done to show the inequity in organizations shows that there is a direct correlation between the employee's fairness towards conscious choice to sabotage a team.

of goals to raise the top line performance is a great tragedy. Leaders sometimes assume that when you introduce ethics is only when there has been a misunderstanding in an organization. Which is contrary as this conflicting of goals leads to the doing of the wrong actions.

Some employees feel changed when they are at work. They want to give the consumers what they want rather than what the company can offer. One has to be professional at work since it is a professional setting. When there is a conflict between one’s values and work that is when problems begin at work. This choice may be harmful to the consumers and the shareholders. This is what lead to the taking of bribes.

The company to make profits, then there should be accountability. It is very unethical for the employees to cater for themselves in an adverse condition. Research shows that in case a company stands behind employees with immoral issues, then it becomes a weak ethical stance. This only begins when employees start to think they were acting for the benefits of the employees and the stakeholders. And when the bribes are found this is when they discover that those bribes dint even work for the good of the company but just loss of money leading to injuries. This is when accountability has to apply.

How should the PepsiCo respond to the whistleblowers allegations to ensure that the staff and the Employers uphold high ethical standards?

How the company will react to the allegations will form a significant move towards the group maintaining high ethical standards. If it will take it as an offense, then this means the employees will never report any unusual behavior if it happens again. How do they interpret the situation? How receptive is they too bad news? If the response is negative, then it means the employees will have a fear of losing their job if the allegations are taken negatively. To maintain the excellent relationship between the staff and the employers, it means then to make it positively.

The company has to introduce the best ideas for the prosperity of the society. This includes the assertive leaders who will struggle for the conformity in decision making rather than bribery. Proactivity is another virtue in which the company should react to whereby this are the individuals who feel less constrained by situational forces leading to productivity?

How were strategy map and a balanced scorecard used to implement the strategy at Delta/signal company? Balanced scorecard helps an institution to understand and track how it creates values by measuring performance form finance, customer, internal business and learning growth. While a strategy map is a visual framework for the organizational objectives within the four perspectives in the balanced scorecard in the Delta company I used strategy map and the scorecard which helped to visualize the company’s success in the finance, customer, internal business, and learning.

The experience was excellent and satisfactory. This helped in the setting of the budget towards the company’s goals. It binds the short-term activities to a long term. This is by giving it a visual. One of the best things by the strategy map, and the scorecard was writing down the vision. This vision was the driving force towards the success of the Delta company. In the finance sector from the scorecard while using the strategy map the idea was to provide superior services to targeted customers, and this helped to set goals. These goals will lead to the making of profits. Revolve around the financial constraints.

This focuses little on the progress of an institution. This leads to focus only on short-term financial measures than the long term. With the use of the scorecard, it helped me to link to long-term objectives with short actions. This is by stating the vision of the delta and the organizational strategy. This helped as for people to act based on a word in vision and strategy statements. The second crucial thing I used is communicating and linking where the manager is supposed to expose their strategy. Business planning is the critical thing to profit making. Strategy map and balanced scorecard is a method that helped me to integrate the business and the financial plans.

Feedback and learning was the final process in the delta while implementing the strategy as this gives the company the capacity for strategic learning. The economic perspective involves focused on the revenue growth and the productivity. This strategy implementation was too bold revenue from new products. This increases the value to the existing customers by strengthening the relationships. The richness came about by reducing the expenses in the delta c company. The assets can be used efficiently by reducing the fixed and working capital to support the delta bossiness company.

The strategy map and the scorecard were significant in helping me to cater for the custom errs in the Delta company. Customer value proposition was inclusive as it described the unique mix of the Delta products and the attribute of the service. The customer relationship and how Delta could distinguish itself from the competitors to attract and retain customers. This created value as it leads to operational excellence, the delta product quality. The customer intimacy also from the delta and the product leadership. The strategy stated from the internal process perspective at the Delta company.

It identified the customer relationship with the employees to create more time in profit development rather than losses. The innovation process in the vehicles to outwit the competitors and fulfill the consumers. This included innovation of new products and services this is the best experience in setting the goals and how to achieve them. This strategy aimed at developing value adding customer relationship at the delta. This scorecard catered for delta becoming a good corporate citizen by establishing productive relationships with stakeholders from outside.

The delta strategy and the scorecard

Economy car segment: low initial cost


To be the highest profit making g company, this is by ensuring that all the products are sold at the right time and the right price to stop discouraging the consumers from shunning away from our products.


To have a long-term customer relationship, this is by providing locally affordable vehicles with high performance at a cheaper price to0 maintain good relationship

Internal process

To be the best company with innovations, this is by encouraging changes within the company.

Learning and growth

To provide the best skills, this is by bringing equipment’s that caters for this skills provision and makes our consumers more knowledgeable.

Importance of using the strategy map and balanced scorecard

It helps to link the long-term strategic objectives with short-term like the delta wanted to provide

Customers with affordable vehicles and be the best profit earning in China. The BSC and the strategy map helps to integrate delta business and the financial plans this is when managers use more ambitious goals Set for a balanced scorecard measures as the basis for allocating resources and setting priorities where we can undertake and coordinate only those initiatives that move them towards their long-term objectives.

They give an institution strategic learning as it is the father of management systems. Delta monitored short-term results from different perspectives and evaluated the strategy in comparison with the recent performance.S Clark, M Damiani, H Dorning,2017


In conclusion ethics and map strategy with balance, the scorecard is essential in business. First of all, with the ethical values which I have listed above like assertiveness, proactivity and the customer orientation are the values that are profit driven in running a company hence generating profits and avoid loses. For the company to have proper ambitions and achieve the goals, then a strategy map should be written with balance scorecard as this provides goals that are achievable and one can visualize the long-term investments. I encourage companies to adopt the principles and wait for the profits to flow.


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