About Family Survival

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The Future of the Family

The majority of social scientists think that the family will continue to prosper as a social institution, notwithstanding some mounting concerns about its survival as the fundamental unit of society. The family will undoubtedly experience the social changes and dynamics of the modern world, according to a thorough analysis of sociological theories. The interactionist perspective, one of the three main sociological theories, provides the most compelling evidence for how families will continue to thrive both now and in the future. Sullivan (2016) asserts that this worldview is particularly concerned with people's regular social contacts. As such, the society is characterized by constant interaction which eventually facilitates the creation, maintenance and changing of groups, organizations and eventually builds the society as a whole. Apparently, this theory demonstrates that social life is heavily dependent on the consensus concerning particular behaviors and shared expectations which guide our activities. Marriage and the family is one of the longstanding practices that have a widespread agreement in belief and practice. It will, therefore, survive on the foundation that its meaning is still highly valued. After all, marriage breakups are considered a social threat to stability, an indicator that the family is strongly considered and will continue its existence for as long as it is regarded a valuable and normal social expectation.

The Challenges Faced by Families

The sad truth is that the family is facing adverse challenges as the rates of divorce continue to rise steadily. One of the prominent causes of family dissolution is strain due to financial and time constraints (Røsand, Slinning, Røysamb, & Tambs, 2014). Families are struggling to create a balance between time for work, finances, and family, leading to dissatisfaction. As such, practices that may help support the survival of the household must be focused on fostering healthy relationships not only at the societal level but also the individual one. Applicable measures include flexible working conditions, especially for both men and women with children, improving employment conditions through sufficient remuneration and family packages, and lastly, creating social structures which promote family virtues, for instance, churches and other social-related support groups (University of Kansas Center for Community Health and Development, 2017).


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March 23, 2023

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