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HIPAA is a piece of legislation in the United States that establishes criteria for data security and privacy in order to protect medical information. In August 1966, Congress enacted the HIPAA Act, which President Bill Clinton signed into law. There are five titles in the Act. If a person leaves or changes jobs, Title I provides health insurance coverage. Title II directs the United States Department of Health and Human Services to develop national standards for electronic transaction processing. Title III establishes tax and medical care guidelines.Title IV defines health insurance reform, as well as provides provisions for individuals seeking continued coverage and those with pre-existing conditions. Title V are provisions to company-owned life insurance and how income tax for those who lose their US citizenship is treated.

Explain the medical record. What is the purpose of the medical record?

A medical record is a document which provides information on medical history and healthcare services of an individual patient. The document is usually given under the direction of a healthcare giver like a nurse, physician. A medical record is important because it provides a health care giver with the history of patients which enables him/her understand the previous treatment. The record also helps the medical professionals understand the current diagnosis and how it will be treated. Understanding the previous treatments and the current diagnosis helps the caregivers develop a treatment plan.

Describe a SOAP note

A SOAP note is a standard documentation method used by the caregivers to put patient’s information in a chart. This is usually accompanied by notes such as admission notes, medical history among other documents. The note has four parts which are subjective, objective, assessment, and plan.

What is a body system?

A body system is a functional unit of a group of body structures to perform some body functions. The systems include digestive system, circulatory system, reproductive system, limbic system, nervous system, endocrine system, and respiratory system.

What does prophylactic use of drugs mean?

Prophylactic use of drugs means the use of drugs to prevent a disease from occurring or an unwanted consequence. For instance, the reproductive pills for female to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

6. What are main functions of bones?

Supporting the skeletal system and providing body posture;

Storing lipids and minerals;

Supporting body movements and providing body stability;

The bone marrow contained in the bones produce red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets through the stem cells.

7. What are main functions of muscles?

Enhancing movement due to their ability to contract;

Maintaining body posture and position;

Joint stability;

Heat production.

8. What are the 3 types of joints?

Fibrous joints;

Cartilaginous joints;

Synovial joints;

9. What are the regions of the vertebral column?

Cervical region;

Thoracic region;

Lumbar region;



10. What are three basic types of muscles?

Cardiac muscles;

Visceral muscles;

Skeletal muscles;

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