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MGM's Response to the Las Vegas Shooting

MGM has risen to the top of the hotel industry in the United States over the years as a result of its commitment to providing its customers with high-quality, low-cost facilities. Following the recent Las Vegas shooting, the hotel has seen a decline in the number of guests requesting different facilities. Many have called the attack the worst mass shooting in US history. After a gunman opened fire on them at a festival across the street from the MGM-owned Mandalay Bay hotel, nearly fifty people were killed and over 500 were injured. Being that the gunman opened fire from MGM hotel, many customers have found it challenging to seek various services from the hotel citing security issues. Consequently, the hotel has incurred losses prompting the need to create a new image of the hotel. There is need to restore the confidence of the customers to ensure the hotel maximize its profits as before the occurrence of the shooting. The management of the hotel strives to brand the image of the hotel in various ways.

Safety Regulations

One way to get MGM's customers back and restore client's confidence is to put strict safety regulations. Many people have had a negative perception towards the hotel after the Las Vegas shooting. They argue that the management of the hotel might have failed on their part to check any illegally possessed firearm among their clients. However, the news related to shooting incident only affected the casual customers. The absence of occasional customers has been one of the primary reasons why sales have dropped. To restore the customers' confidence especially the casual clients who make approximately 60% of the customers, security has been improved at MGM hotel. The hotel has hired more number of security officers. Also, the security team asks guests to open their bags and coats upon getting into the hotel to ensure that none of the clients enter the premises with any form of illegal firearm. The management has also guaranteed that the security officers receive specialized training on detecting suspicious behavior. The primary objective of MGM hotel is to appeal to casual customers and turn them into loyal customers as well as continue marketing towards attaining new customers.

Compensations for victims

The shooting incident left survivors with minor and major injuries. MGM strives to compensate the victims as a sign of solidarity. Among those who were affected by the shooting were from poor backgrounds. Therefore, the hotel management has given some victims financial aid. Apart from the survivors, the hotel management in partnership with various organizations endeavors to interact with the family members of those who were killed in the shooting incident to offer guidance and counseling. Arguably, the shooting incident left so many victims traumatized. Most of the survivors were psychologically affected prompting most of the organizations to offer guidance and counselling services to them. In addition, the hotel in collaboration with the government set aside funds to cater for medical bills for the victims.

Suggestions from Fullerton Corporation Company

Notably, Fullerton Corporation Company believes that the primary way to gain customers' trust is to be transparent to them. Moreover, clients are likely to develop confidence if the company has appropriately defined security and health measures. For instance, in a hotel setting, one way to further transparency is to promote the freshness of the ingredients used. The management of a hotel is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all the guests are safe from any harm. Fullerton Corporation Company suggests that MGM hotel shares with the clients about the security situation. For example, the clients should be able to see the presence of security officers guarding the hotel. Security officers should also be free to interact professionally with the clients. Customers would be satisfied to see how the security situation around the hotel has been improved. Additionally, Fullerton Corporation Company suggests that employees at MGM hotel should be trained primary care. The skills are essential in case of an emergency. Arguably, MGM hotel is renowned for promoting and advocating for adequate security for its customers so these suggestions would not be difficult tasks to implement and carry out. The ideas presented by Fullerton Corporation are likely to make clients develop confidence in the security situation of the hotel.


The Las Vegas shooting by a gunman from MGM hotel scared casual customers away from seeking various services from the hotel. Therefore, the hotel endeavors to attract more customers by building their confidence about the improved security within and around the hotel. Arguably, customers love the idea of being rewarded for loyalty.

It is imperative for the hotel management to occasionally reward customers with free food for continually seeking the hotel's services. Primarily, the management of MGM hotel should reward clients who reach a specific dollar amount spent rather than per paid visit. Additionally, loyal customers should be given gifts as a sign of appreciation. In so doing, some people may be attracted to seek various services from the hotel.

October 25, 2022

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