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I chose biology because I love the outdoors and because I'm curious about it. I've always wanted to study the area of science that is most closely related to the natural world. Biology, and more specifically Cell Biology, allows one to see nature's beauty more thoroughly. I grew up being inspired and motivated by nature ever since I was a little child and used to like hiking the various nature trails while also keeping a collection of bugs. I found that I was interested in many different sciences, but that my biology major brought me the closest to understanding the world around me. Therefore, I have grown up with a great desire to learn more about cells and molecules. In an attempt to quench my undying thirst I chose to undertake Biology associated major.

I have made a variety of preparations involving my Biology major by carrying out the prerequisite course that is required in taking Biology as a major. I have taken various steps into ensuring that I do not end up choosing a major that will be a challenge to me in the university. Moreover, I have also studied electives associated with Biology to wooden my knowledge base. Such elective studies involve History of Science associated course and a specific Botany course linked to a research component. Beyond the world involving courses, I have also carried out A contribution of several sciences related articles to my fresh college's newspaper. Besides, I have volunteered part of my time to participate in data entry involving a significant study that is being carried out by the Biology department of my college in an order I can gain a hands-on experience concerning the research process.

Furthermore, as I undertake continuation of pursuing my major, Biology, at the University I will make sure that I excel academically. Most importantly, I am ready and committed to excellence and to becoming an aggressive part involving the student body within my Biology department. I will make sure that I find volunteer opportunities and chances that will enable me to take part in research and other outdoor activities associated with my Biology major. Moreover, as a student in the upper-class, I will possess the required skills and also experience to be of service and help to other individual students who are just commencing their major not only in Biology major but also in other science-related majors. It will help me gain more knowledge about my major. It is vital for me to teach at the same time I will be learning. Tutoring within my chosen department is an excellent and ideal way I plan to achieve the same. Nonetheless, I will ensure that I specialize in cell and molecular kind of Biology which is my intended emphasis for taking part in my chosen major in the university. Also, I will make use of the library and internet sources while undertaking my major to have more knowledge from different authors and sources. Last but not least, I will ensure that I have and portray discipline in my Biology major as discipline is paramount in gaining success in my education. Control is essential for the achievement of success.

April 13, 2023

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