About Organization: Key Factors

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One of the key elements is creating a foundation on which a company may succeed. Your claim that anyone, regardless of experience level, can find starting an organization from scratch to be exceedingly difficult is a strong one in this sense. In actuality, it is a process that includes the creation of a clear strategic strategy. Therefore, I concur with you when you suggest that making a change can be accomplished by collecting data, analyzing it, and then selecting the best adjustment. To make the discussion more enthralling, you have incorporated a good example by indicating that competitive analysis is one of the main aspects that is supposed to be analyzed.

Further, an organization that seeks to be effective needs to come with a strategy for identifying best employees. In this regard, you have made an argument by indicating that identifying best employees can provide a workforce that can be advantageous to organization, which can help in promoting delivery of high productivity. Consequently, an organization will be able to compete effectively with other competitors. It is imperative to indicate that coming with a strategic plan to emerge competitive is the first step towards making an organization effective (Anderson, 2017). You have also made a good argument by indicating that establishing a clear communication acts as the important strategy of ensuring effective change. Thus, managers and supervisors of an organization should possess effective communication skills. Irrefutably, communication acts as the backbone of any organization that seeks to change. In summary, you have provided a succinct discussion.


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Ellenwood, D. (2016, December). How to persevere through startup and build a strong franchise concept: one of the best lessons to be learned in starting a business is that nobody will do the work for you. Franchising World, 48(12).

April 13, 2023

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