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The client is torn between chasing her passion, which in this case is launching her own company, and climbing the corporate ladder. Most young people face this quandary, particularly if they believe there is a lot at risk if they quit their work. Counseling would be beneficial in assisting the client in evaluating the future of her company in addition to their professional development. It is important to note that money can never be the only deciding factor in a career.

Career therapy would also be beneficial because it would allow the individual to balance her personal interests with those of the company. Most people get into business without first calculating the risks involved, and their passion dies before the maturity date. The Client should understand that any business has seasons and it is hence should prepare mentally, finally and psychologically.

Question 2

Wal-Mart has played a significant role in the growth of the small towns in America. The company offers employment opportunities to the citizens thus enabling them to have a source of livelihood. Moreover, the company offers affordable products to the residents allowing them to have some decent living.

Wal-Mart has also contributed to the growth of infrastructure in the small towns. By contributing to taxes, the company ensures that the local and the federal state can offer necessary facilities to the nationals. Furthermore, the company strategically stores its products even in the rural towns thus ensuring that nobody is left out.

Question 3

I conducted the self-assessment test because I needed to evaluate the careers where I would best suit in with my personality. I discovered that as a social and a talkative person, I would do well in the service industry. It would hence be worth trying a banking career where I can interact with different clients and also offer help.

I also discovered that I possess a high Intellectual Quotient and can hence work in technical arrears like accounting. If I had five different lives, I would be a musician, a dancer, a banker, and a lawyer. I have always desired to venture into music, but I have never gathered enough confidence to start my career. I would however never a doctor as I lack the empathetic skills needed in the medical field.

Question 4

In most counseling sessions, a client divulges private information about themselves which must be upheld with utmost secrecy. For the customer to get emotional healing, for instance, it is important that they can trust the psychologists even with their darkest past. Reiterating the confidentiality statement gives a client confidence, and it also enables them to evaluate their lives and their pitfalls.

Breaking confidentiality can occur when a psychologist decides to publish a customer’s personal life on their blog. Also, confidentiality can be broken when a counselor seeks the help of a patient’s close family member and shares information without their consent. A client may end up feeling unworthy when their information is not upheld with utmost secrecy and even make matters worse for them.

Question 5

I would ask the client to identify her strengths and weaknesses and also list down her goals. It is true that the gender impacts most career choices especially in male-dominated fields like politics, sports and even engineering. However, what matters is the intellectual capacity of a person and not their gender, culture or sexual orientation.

I would ask the client to schedule several meetings with me where we discuss her ambitions and life goals. It would also be worthy evaluating the career progression and the factors that are pulling him behind. Moreover, I would recommend the client to draw a timeline in which she must achieve her objectives and have measurable goals.


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October 25, 2022

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