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Pete Goettner's Considerations for Starting a New Business

Pete Goettner is thinking about starting a new business, and as he enjoys playing golf, he has three main considerations on how to proceed. These involve creating an accounting business, consulting with investment experts, and selecting a counsel. They understand that bad choices could have long-term effects on their business.

Pete's Background and Passion for Investment

In the history of Pete, his place of development is in the Michigan United States, though his parents are immigrants from Europe with his father from Hamburg and mother from Vienna. His passion for investment can be traced back after college when he joined a consulting firm known as the Andersen. He played roles such as managing, sales agent, and enforcing large manufacturing units, planning on material storing. The chief investment plan was to develop courses where the customers can access them through the internet. The market structure was appealing to their ideas with especially the US market demanding $2 billion for education courses. However, to enable his dreams to come true, he, therefore, needed to raise some money from the relatives and friends to accumulate enough capital for starting the business.

Setting up a Supervised Platform for Investment

The next target was to arrange a supervised platform for those wishing to invest. Pete suggested that setting up a VC firm would enable the organization to reach individuals that want to invest and provide an excellent platform for negotiations.

The Influence of CEO Bill Lane

One of the most phenomenal CEOs of the company was Bill Lane. The areas that Lane helped the lower businesses to set up were such as developing a business plan, constructing a management group, looking for a law firm, capital accumulation, and arriving terms with the correct audit firm. The company is based on five pillars which are the business, market, product, sales tactics, and cohesive management.

Work Cited

Dr. Eli, M. Naomi. Digital Think: Start-up. Graduate School of Business, Columbia University. 1999. pp. 1-28.

March 02, 2023

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