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Social Movements and Political Change

Social movements have played a crucial role in bringing about political and social change. However, governments are always working hard to ensure that social movements do not succeed in their operations. A social action is an organized group of individuals with the goal of bringing about change in political, social, and economic approaches. In this view, social movements appear to have a similar agenda, yet their interests differ greatly. This essay will examine whether societal developments can be connected to broad political structures or not.

Different Approaches of Social Movements

Individuals with specific interests make up social movements. The special-interests group operates within the system through conventional political practices such as election campaigns and petitioning while the social movements work outside the system. They engage in various types of protests as they fight for their rights through demonstrating, picketing, outright violence and sometimes picketing.

Oppressive Policies and Social Change

Social movements are not in connection with any political arrangement. For a social change to arise there must be a social, political, or economic crisis whereby ordinary citizens are under oppression. Some of these problems may include lack of democracy and political freedom, discrimination, faltering economy, sexual orientation, and some other oppressive policies implemented by the government. When people suffer from a structural strain, they can get frustrated and form a movement that will fight for their rights. However, it has been observed that activists who join these changes have the feeling of dissatisfaction and relative discounted.

The Effects of Social Movements on Political Systems

In the countries where the pressure of social movements has been experienced, it has been proven that the internal governments have aligned change in the political systems hence change in the political regimes. The government institutions should shun from the totalitarian approach of change in governance. Social movements can produce a significant change in the lives of citizens and regular participants.

April 06, 2023
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