Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology

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In this case a hybrid connection is more ideal and practical. Topology is the layout of network arrangements connecting the sender and receiver through several lines of connections.  Hybrid topology usually consists of a combination of two or more topologies. For example, if in an office one department uses ring networking and in another star networking is used, the combination of these topologies will result in hybrid connection. In ring topology a ring like formation is formed where one computer is connected to another with the first computer connected to the last computer. The advantage with this connection would be that the transmission of network cannot be affected by high traffic or increasing the number of senders and receivers and it is economical to install and also expand in future hence ideal for this kind of company. In star topology however, all computers are linked to a single hub using cables. The hub usually is as a repeater for data flow. Some of its advantages include; easy trouble shooting, the network is easy to set up, modify and upgrade and if one computer network fails the rest remain working smoothly and uninterrupted. The amalgamation of these two topologies then forms the hybrid topology. This makes it reliable as identifying errors and resolving them is simple, the faulty detected places are isolated from the network. The necessary corrective measures or repairs are done, fixed back into the network, without shutting down the entire network.

            It is flexible and can be scaled as the size of the network is increased without difficulties. Some of the setbacks with this type of network is that it has the weaknesses of topologies included for example; cabling cost and performance of the network when other computers are added it may slow down or interrupt the normal working process.

WLAN (Wireless large area network) type of network is not destined by cabling routes between nodes and connectivity devices and is not set out using the same connections as those of wired networks. A wireless router can be connected to the hub to provide wireless connection to the staff and guests as well. The wireless network will use the ad hoc topology also known as many to many where each computer communicates directly with another as there is no central access point.

The image below shows how the ad hoc topology operates.             Hybrid network is planned conferring to the desires of the company and through optimization of the present resources. Exceptional attention can be addressed to nodes where information flow is high as the well as the highly vulnerable places in the network. Hybrid designs are usually large-scale and require many cables, a good cooling systems and high-end networking devices. One of the major disadvantages of this type of topology is that it is complex to make this type of topology and the installation and configuration procedure need to be effective and thorough. The hubs that are used in linking different networks are expensive as they need to be competent enough to work with distinct designs and must be functional even if only parts of the network are working.

A combination of star and ring topologies will look like the diagram above. The combination is advantageous as it will have advantages of star and ring topology.

September 11, 2023
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