After an in-depth analysis of Success

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After carefully examining the writer's answer to the question about success, it is important to note that I concur with the writer's definition and postulation of success. This choice is made in light of some particular elements. First of all, the author was explicit about what she meant when she used the word success, which in her opinion is the accomplishment of a goal or purpose. The author also emphasizes how various people experience success in different ways. The achievement of the goal established in a particular area is therefore success to the individual. Based on the points mentioned above I agree with the definition and postulation of the writer about the concept of success. This decision is based on some specific factors. First, the writer was clear about the meaning of the term success which according to her is the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. The writer also points out that the attainment of success is a different phenomenon to deferent people. Hence when people attain of the goal set in a specific area that is a form of success to them. Based on the points mentioned above I agree with the definition of success as presented by this writer.

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There is need to point out that after an explicit study of the definition of success as posed by this writer, I would like to point out that I do not agree with the definition of success presented by the writer. There are a couple of reasons that could be attributed to my decision as regarding this write up. First, there is no precise definition of term success by the writer. She mentioned that as a child, she was of the opinion that success was all about financial benefits. She also said that as she grew up, she had a different idea as regaining the definition of success which it did not mention in the course of her write up. She was only able to indicate the attributes required to attain success such as hard work and resilience. She was not clear as to what it means to succeed.

June 26, 2023

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