American Psycho Clip Analysis

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Patrick Bateman's Role in American Psycho

Patrick Bateman plays the narrator in the scene from the movie American Psycho, which poses a special problem for theories of personality. At the age of 27, Bateman is a self-sufficient individual. In Bateman's opinion, he is not genuine, or at least not a full-fledged personality. To evaluate how psychoanalytic theory is described, the narrator is used.

Exploring Bateman's Thoughts and Experiences

We seem to be in Bateman's thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the movie when he recounts his day-to-day activities. Being inside the actor's head while utilizing the authority of the external narrator puts us quite near to him. Bateman may not have been aware that he was the subject of the narration in the part of the film since he was not telling his thoughts but he had his mind reported.

Revealing Bateman's Inner Thoughts

It is straightforward that we hear the thoughts of the character in the clip as he narrates his experiences. The thoughts of Bateman are heard just like the same way he talks but with more descriptions and better grammar. We as the viewers and listeners we are privy to all his thoughts and opinions, which means we can get to know him faster and relate to him more easily.

Audience Perspective in American Psycho

While watching the film, we as the audiences see everything the character sees. We see events through the character's eyes such as Bateman's routines of cleaning and fitness as if we are experiencing the events ourselves. Therefore, we only see what the actor can see. The shots of the film are placed in between a shot of the character looking at something and a shot showing his reactions.

Shared Knowledge with the Character

There is no information that the actor knows that we don’t know. As the character in the film learns about something, the audience gets the information too, which removes the need for expository dialogue.

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April 06, 2023

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