An Analysis of Meridian Lightweight Technologies

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Meridian Lightweight Technologies Company is famous for the high quality pallet style computers. The computers have touch-screen capacities that allow the user to work with a computer without the keyboard and the mouse.

PT 9000

The newest technology of Meridian Lightweight technologies was PT 9000. PT 9000 refers to the high-quality computers that is characterized a 3-gigahertz processor, optional removable DVD writer, 200 megabyte hard-drive that have been designed to withstand hard climatic conditions. Meridian Lightweight technologies has been in operation for over three years. In the three years, the firm has grown from a single product manufacturer with sales that have been approximated to be $250,000 to a multibillion product making sales approximated to be over $5 billion (Burt, 2010). The company demand has been forecasted at annual rate of 20 percent in the next three years.

Rapid Growth

The company is experiencing a rapid growth period. Meridian Lightweight has also enhanced its production from a single product to a multibillion product. The 8-inch touch screen color is estimated to be worth $250 million making it a very essential process. In terms of yearly sales, Reese Corporation is the largest and also it has the largest influence in the industry. It is an established corporation when it is reviewed on the LCD panel's production. Capozzi Manufacturing is not relatively as large as Reese, when compared in terms of annual sales but they do not work strictly with LCD panels. However, they manufacture a variety of computer equipment. Kruger Corporation is also another option to consider that is fairly influential die to their quality production of computer devices and LCD panels.

Plant Survey

The panel should conduct a plant survey to evaluate the competitiveness and quality production capabilities of these suppliers. Some of the key points they should consider in the plant survey are design information, procurement, material control, manufacturing control, quality management, quality information, calibration, inspection of completed material, and final acceptance. This activity is so important to the success of a firm because it will lead to a way to compare competitor’s operations and to observe if any the potential problems that a suppler have that needs to be addresses of to rule them out.

Supplier Selection Process

When you set your criteria, you can have specific requirements of your supplier and this is important because the point is to find someone with great quality, service, and very reasonable price. Next you define your process, and how you want to produce your product or service and how things will work once you are with the finished product. Most importantly you want to define your production processes because certain ways can be more cost efficient than others. Finally you monitor the supplier, and make sure they are producing to your specific needs and are paying attention to detail to ensure perfect quality.

Consideration of History of Sales

Also, history of sales gives you a look at what the supplier has done in past years 5, 10, and so on. It also gives an over view of the error rate and how effective the supplier was to be on schedule and waste management. History of sales can be broken down to show different trends within the organization. The financial standing gives you a view of how they are handling the finances and customers. If their schedules are off, this will reflect in their financial responsibilities. The space how well they are equipped to warehouse good, does the equipment reflect the space, regarding the position, and will there be any expansions in the future due to growth. These points are important to ensure that the schedules are met, quality of goods, financial obligations can be handled.


David Burt, S. P. (2010). Supply Management and the Bottom Line. In S. P. David Burt, Supply Management Eighth Edition (p. 244). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

October 24, 2023

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